Kinder Surprise Collector Callout!
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Does anyone have information about collecting Kinder Surprise Toys in Canada or getting German goods into Canada affordably?

My wife and I collect kinder surprise toys and are wondering if anyone knows of any resources in Canada for collectors. Like clubs, meets or anything of the like. Most of the material we find is German or French.

Also, a while ago we discovered that the Canadian line is pretty blase compared to the European (especially German) lines. Does anyone know of a Canadian importer of German goods. Or a way to get German goods into Canada cheaper than getting a German friend to ship a box (at $50 for shipping)?
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Kinder Sorpresa toys from Mexico are often as good as the German ones. Sorry I can't really point you in the right direction ordering-wise cause all the Kinder eggs are banned here in the U.S. (choking hazards), and I've only gotten my hands on some via trips to Mexico. But I'd think you're in a better position, being from Canada and all.
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Do you have shops that sell German goods? Here we have World Market, which sells many foreign grocery items, including Kinder Eggs. There also used to be a small shop near where I lived in Orlando that sold European groceries including the Kinder Eggs. See if there are German groceries or even restaurants that sell grocery items near you.
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(Confession: I have been using those toys as swag in geocaches. We bought TONS of them on our honeymoon in Ireland, and when we re-found them as we packed to move we agreed that they no longer held any interest. I still have a big pile of them ready for our next geocaching trips with the kids.)
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If it's still there, The Old Country Shop on Roncesvalles is your go-to place for insane German chocolate things.
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I dated an insane German chocolate thing once. She made my teeth hurt.

Sugar Mountain on Yonge St (I think) has Euro candies, and I believe I saw all the Kinder bars and cakes and other not-in-Canada items the last time I was there, which was almost certainly to buy UK Curly Wurly and Flake bars.
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Thanks for the responses.
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