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Best magazine (newspaper, or other publication) for tablet?

Hi there! I just recieved a lovely Kindle Fire and am wondering what publication (newspaper, magazine.. etc) is worth my money!

I read LOADS of blogs and I know that most major publications have some kind of streaming app so it makes it difficult to select a publication I want to subscribe to, but I am deadset on subscribing to a publication and experience it on a tablet.

Could any Fire users (or iPad, or other tablet users) talk about your experiences with this and let me know what your suggestions are?

I am not looking at gossipy or girly magazines. I'm more interested in publications like NYT, WSJ, FT, the Economist, Time, National Geographic, Wired, other tech magazines, or magazines with great images like Architectual Digest, other decor, art, tattoo, design magazines.. etc. Perhaps there are e-magazines that I've never heard of that you recommend? (Are there any free tablet e-publications?)

Thanks I greatly appreciate any and all help!
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My top 3:

1. The New York Review of Books
2. The New Yorker
3. The Paris Review

I read all three on the iPad--but through the browser (Safari) or the Flipboard app. The New Yorker's site is especially elegant on the iPad.
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I don't know how the kindle translates from things on the ipad, but you mentioned ipad experiences, too.

I really love getting the economist (as an app and you need a subscription to get all the content).However,what I really like about it is that it is in the format of the actual magazine (you can turn the pages, and see all the charts and graphs they have). What brought it to the next level for me as an app on the ipad, though, is that you can also listen to the articles being read to you. So you go to the article and click audio. So you can listen to an interesting article(s) several times while doing something else, etc.For the ipad, they let you check out a few articles in each issue for free with audio,so you can do that before deciding to pay for a subscription.
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With the Kindle version of the economist, you can pick whether you want to see it laid out just like it is in the print version (which I'm not a big fan of) or formatted more specifically for tablet-reading. For whatever it's worth, I'm a big fan of both Economist and New York times on the Kindle Fire. (On the Kindle as well, but the graphs, etc. are lovely on the Fire screen inc olor.)
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Wired on the iPad is nice. Often times when reading an article, you can click an image and a VIDEO will start playing. Its very Harry Potter.

Its not really a publication, but Flipboard on the iPad is pretty great. If you're unfamilar, it aggregates all the links your friends share on facebook, twitter, etc, and "curates" it into a magazine-ish format.

Are you an instapaper user? Its superb on the iPad and the original kindle, and happens to be one of the best inventions since sliced bread.
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