Oh yes, full massage please.
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Non-creepy inner thigh massage. Possible?

Running, and other more fun activities, have made my inner thighs quite tense and I would love to have a professional, strong massage around there. Ideally, everything around the private parts -- bottom of buttocks, and basically the circle formed by the beginning of my (male) pubes.

Does this break most people's creepy scales or is there a massage style I could look for that would be more receptive of such a demand? Or should I just give up and ask my partner? I realize that sexual excitation may occur but it is truly not the aim.

Also, if my sense of empathy is so broken that all you can think is "what, seriously, how the fuck does he think this is possible", let me know as well.
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Not creepy at all. If you are in the U.S., then you can search here for a local massage therapist who specializes in sports massage and/or medical massage. (I am a massage therapist.)
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Um, female here, but I get massages all the time that work on deep muscles around the groin and but (I have really tight hips). So, IT band, psoas muscle, buttocks, yeah all that. I've also had deep pec (omg breast!!) massages for posture work. Look for terms like sports massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy (NMT), myofascial.
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Agreed, not creepy at all. I've had therapeutic massage in the areas you describe - I cycle a bit and have similar issues.
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If your inner thighs are tight due to running, there are probably limits to the relief you'll experience by targeting them through massage. This tightness is usually a response shortened muscles on the outer thigh (tfl, it band), and part of a cluster of symptoms called "lower cross syndrome". The shortness on the outer thigh leads to constant lengthening of the inner thigh, and these muscles get rigid, similar to a rubber band feeling tight when it it extended for too long.
Emphasizing the outer thigh in massage and strengthening the glutes will help return the inner thigh muscles to a more relaxed position, which will provide the most relief of your symptoms. The massage will be a nice bonus, and these symptoms are common enough that most massage therapists have dealt with it before and are sufficiently desensitized to any perceived creepiness.
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Go see a sports massage therapist, the kind that works with physical therapists. They aren't shy.
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Horray, fear of creepiness averted. Thanks all.
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FWIW, I've discovered something interesting inside my head...

If a (female) masseuse works my thighs hard, no problems.

If a (male) masseur does the same, even on the tops of the quads, I feel threatened, to the point that thoughts of self-defense pop into my head! The first instance was with a good friend I trusted completely, so it really surprised me. I eventually discovered it could be avoided if his motions moved away from my groin, instead of towards (his training had him moving towards my heart by default).

Apparently, even though the massage isn't sexual, my systems feel anything putting that much force near my genitals needs to be run through some sort of safety filter... or something.

Anyway, just FYI: don't be surprised if the gender of the massage professional has an impact. YMMV, esp if you happen to be gay (in which case I have no idea how it works).
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Also, go get yourself a foam roller and a lacrosse ball (yeah, the actual rubber ball they play lacrosse with). Roll around on them. The lacrosse ball in particular is great for digging in to your ass and hamstrings - the foam roller is an absolute necessity for your inner and outer thighs.
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