Looking for a short PCI video card
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Looking for a shorter-than-usual PCI video card that has either composite or s-video out. Anyone know of one that'll work?

The PC is an old HP D350 that only has VGA, according to the specs it can use a full-height card up to 5.28in in length. Everything I can find is an inch or so too long.

I know there are converters that can do VGA-to-s-video, but I'd like to keep everything internal if at all possible.
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This one? http://www.jaton.com/vga/graphics_card_detail.php?pid=93
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This card doesn't extend very far behind the PCI connector itself. It's just under 5 inches. If you look at PCI cards on Newegg for instance, then probably most of the cards that just stop where the PCI connector stop will be 5 inches or under. "Low profile PCI" is specced to be about 4-6", so you're looking for a card in that subset.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that's the sort of card I've been looking for.
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