Hairstyles that withstand humidity?
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I have shoulder length, straight, dense, ultra-fine hair. What are some cute hairstyles I can pull off that don't rely on heat styling?

We're spending our honeymoon in Thailand, which is great except that I am super vain and want to look awesome on my honeymoon. Humidity in NYC often ruins my hair, so I'm definitely not going to fight it in Southeast Asia.

When my hair is straight I look like a 12 year-old, so usually I curl it and then brush it out with my fingers to make waves. As that's not an option, I want to find the easiest tutorial on how to make the side braid/bun thing I've seen a lot recently. I also am a fan of the sock bun, though I just make one big 60s-looking bun at the back of my head (two buns is a little Princess Leia-y for me).

I loathe classic French braids, which I think make me look like a Fundamentalist Mormon on Big Love. Ponytails, for whatever reason, don't look great on me either. I think it's because my hair looks a bit thin when tied up.

Yes, I'm vain. Please help be successful at being vain by pointing me to more hairstyle ideas!
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The fishtail braid looks elegant, even done messily.
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I have been doing the Gibson tuck all week. It is awesome, and it looks full and cute even though I don't have particularly thick hair.

This half-up style is cute.

This video tutorial is not the absolute best, but it does show you how to do a cute bohemian twist, which you can finish with a bun. It's similar to the braids/bun thing you mentioned.
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Oh also! Get thee to Pinterest and do a search for hairstyles. There are a million tutorials for cute hairstyles on there. Memail me for an invite if you want one. It is very addictive, though, so be warned.
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I've been sleeping in rag curls which gives my stick straight hair awesome curls that last for days. Not sure what it will do for your honeymoon nights though!
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I like the double flipped pony seen here.

How to: Curl hair to add body. Pull it back into a low ponytail and tie loosely with an elastic band. Using your index finger, poke a hole in the middle of your hair right above the elastic band, then flip the ponytail up into this hole and outwards. Tie another elastic band on the ponytail and do a second flip. Finish with hairspray.
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