DCC? IRC? OS X? Help!!!
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Hopefully this question makes sense, I know next-to-nothing about IRC. I'm trying to download some things off of IRC. I can always connect to a few people's severs, but most of the time I get an error message.

The message tells me that the server is using a different server method, and that I need to type /dccserver something something +59. Then it helpfully informs me that this is a mIRC command. Great, I'm not using mIRC.

Right now I'm using jIRCii in OS X, which seems to be ok, but it's kind of hard to figure out, especially if, like me, you have no idea what you're doing. I've tried forwarding the ports on my router to the ports these helpful messages tell me I need to, but they still won't let me connect.

A little googling around led me to the fact that apparently no OS X apps fully support DCC and port-forwarding as of yet, or something like that, I'm still an IRC noob, so these things don't really make much sense to me. Is there a better IRC program for OS X I should be using?

(And in case you MUST know, they're episodes of Pokemon.)
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I've tried a whole bunch of Macintosh IRC apps, free and for pay, and nearly all of them suck donkey dingus. In fact, every last one of them except X-Chat Aqua has a mouth full of goat phallus. Last I tried DCC file transfers with X-CA, it worked fine.

Assuming you use a functional IRC client, your problem is most likely related to how your NAT router is configured, or you're using the fserve incorrectly.
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If you use FireFox, you could always try the ChatZilla extension. It's basically a fully functional IRC client that operates in a browser window (or tab).
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The message tells me that the server is using a different server method, and that I need to type /dccserver something something +59

Something something... is probably the important peice of information that would help us figure out your problem. Without that, I don't know if it's an IRC connection error or you're trying to pass a file request using an invalid syntax. Copy and paste a few lines in here and someone is bound to know what it means.
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Don't go around opening ports and disabling your firewall unless you know what you are doing (it sounds like you don't quite).

Ignorant question: what on earth would you download over IRC? I thought that was for chat.
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I doubt you are the legal owner of the copyright for those pokemon episodes. Regardless, if you can't figure out how to use IRC to illegally download things, use something like Edonkey instead.
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realcountrymusic, IRC provides lots of.. ah, unique download opportunities.

Such as, for example, a television show that you intended to TiVo, but the power went out in your house, let's say, and you now want to get a copy of it. Sure, you don't own the copyright to the television show, just like you wouldn't own it if you had recorded it with a TiVo, or a VCR, or had a friend tape it for you while you were out of town.

And so on.
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The legalities are dubious when downloading, but definitely within fair use if recorded from the airwaves.
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So if your friend records it from the airwaves, then sends it to you through IRC... *head explodes*
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[a few wisecracks deleted, sorry all]
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