UK citizen in US seeking financial adviser who knows both systems
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I'm a UK citizen, working and paying taxes in the US, seeking a financial adviser/planner with knowledge of both systems — but someone who deals with relatively ordinary expats, not just multimillionaire hedge fund managers. Where do I begin, or do you have specific recommendations?

I found many AskMe questions in the other direction (ie. Americans in the UK) but not in this direction.

I have no idea if the person I'm seeking will be based in the UK or the US, though either would be fine — I live in New York and am often in London. The problem with random web searches on "international" advisers, though, is that the people they point me to often seem to be catering to the very rich, which I am not. I'm just looking for a good, regular, trustworthy adviser of the kind that anyone might approach for help with retirement planning, property purchase, etc — with the sole exception that my questions involve both the UK and the US. I'd be extremely grateful for any pointers, including but not limited to specific recommendations.
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I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but Liz Zitzow of British American Tax might be a good person to talk to.
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Actually that looks interesting, but it prompts me to clarify more generally that I am not looking for an accountant — that part I've got sorted out.
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Where in the US Are you located? Large cities will have a community of British ex-pats to whom you can ask this question.
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Where in the US Are you located?

New York. So far, I've asked a few British friends without much luck, and unfortunately a lot of these millionaires-only advisers — the kind I'm not seeking — seem, unsurprisingly, to be based here.
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Nothing to add except: hello Oliver Burkeman!

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Ernst & Young Expat Tax Services. in NYC.
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Have you tried asking on the British Expats forum? You may not even need to ask, this question has probably been asked there before if you try a quick search.
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I'm an "ordinary" American abroad and for my US taxes I use Ogle International Tax Advisors, based in Florida. Not cheap, but for such a complex task, I'm happy to rely on the pros. They've been fantastic for me. MeMail me for more details, if you'd like. (That goes for anybody.)
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