Does anyone remember this educational computer game?
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Does anyone remember this educational computer game?

I'm trying to remember the name of a computer game I played in grade school. I think it was on the Apple II since we also played Oregon Trail and Number Munchers on the same computer.

The only details I can recall are: elevators, little robots, and math. I think there was a variety of robots to select from? That is all I can remember and I apologize!

I've googled endlessly and have come up with nothing and it's driving me craaaazy.
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Was it Midnight Rescue?
posted by Cortes at 1:00 AM on December 1, 2011

Beer Run?
posted by FrereKhan at 1:36 AM on December 1, 2011

Probably not Lode Runner?
posted by FrereKhan at 1:39 AM on December 1, 2011

A long shot, but Rocky's Boots? (a personal favorite)
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Did you advance the robots by solving the math equations?
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Another possibiilty is Robot Odyssey.
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Not math, but spelling, though this is what the "elevator" made me think of: Spellevator.
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Math Blaster? Oh man I loved Math Blaster. (And yeah, same deal with Oregon Trail and the Word/Number Muncher games. Oh, good times)
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Sounds a bit like Midnight Rescue! (Wikipedia page here).
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Oops, you said Apple II. Never mind.
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Reminds me of Imposible Mission which I always found ridiculously hard, but not very educational.
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BTW, I'm 100% sure OutNumbered is the game you're looking for. It featured elevators (although they aren't mentioned in the wikipedia description). I used to be terrified of this game, because the tv-robot thing was evil and snuck up behind you and made you do math problems on a timer. I think you got zapped if you didn't get them right or finish fast enough. Scarred for life.

Treasure Mountain! was WAY more my speed.
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You can try looking here.
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Midnight Rescue and OutNumbered were pretty similar. In outnumbered I think you were in a radio station and did math. In midnight rescue there were a bunch of robots and you had to take pictures. Maybe you are remembering a combination of the two?
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Definitely OutNumbered! I loved this game as a kid! You had to make sure you beat the game by midnight, or else the evil doctor would... do something bad!
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Response by poster: Man, none of these match what I remember (judging by the available screenshots and videos). Maybe my memory has just morphed the game into something that totally didn't exist. I am remembering super tiny robots rather than the big dude on Outnumbered!

@Caoimhinn - Yeah, I believe you got robots to go up the elevators via solving the equations.

@olinerd - I do remember Math Blaster though, so great!

Thanks for the attempts though everyone! This thread is making me want to forget math and re-learn it via old games.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
A very very kind person sent me a message nearly a decade after posting this to let me know that this long lost game is called Path Tactics for the Apple II. Here's a link to the game if anyone's curious!
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