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I'm not sure if this is even possible, but: where could I buy a lady's Regency-period ring? Something like this would be perfect. I keep coming across awful eBay sites that have 'Georgian-style' attached to something that could have been made in China yesterday, for all I know. Something with a certificate of authenticity / valuation?
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hm, well here's a couple of hits from teh googles: 1, 2 ... but my first thought was are there any antique/estate jewelry types of shops near you?
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Here are a couple - more Victorian era than Regency, both from DollsandLace.Com
Victorian Maltese Cross/Garnets
Natural Emerald/Diamonds

But like the honourable poster above, I too think you may have better luck finding exactly what you want with an estate jewellery buyer. Maybe find one in your town and ask them to keep an eye out for you.
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Erie Basin usually does more Art Deco, but if you contact them they may have some useful contacts.
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The Hairpin has had a great series on estate jewelry- the author really knows her stuff. Apparently a lot of this stuff gets sold at auctions, but the articles also sometimes feature older jewelry that actual humans can afford, and tips on recognizing authenticity vs. imitations. You might try sending the author an email- her email is posted at the bottom of every article.
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Try ebay.co.uk. There's seems to be a fair bit of stuff on there and the UK was where the Regency period happened.
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I love this store in San Francisco. They have beautiful pieces.
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Um, they're expensive.
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I routinely drool over Fay Cullen, but have never bought anything from them. They're known the be a reputable company, though, from what I understand. Maybe there's something in there somewhere?
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I was looking for a vintage snake ring a few years back, and had the same problems with eBay, but found a lovely one on Etsy with no hassle.

(I suppose they might also have authenticity issues, but somehow it seems less sketchy than eBay.)
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For repros these guys do a wonderful job:
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I was also coming in to recommend Lang, but they don't have a Regency selection. However, they have lovely things and are a pleasure to work with. My wedding ring is an Art Deco piece from them--which we bought over the internet, not in person--and the transaction went very smoothly and our jeweler here confirmed their general appraisal of condition and quality.
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Um, they're expensive.

Have I not drawn the attention of this thread by my fine, tall person, handsome features, and noble mien? Have you not heard the report in general circulation of my having ten thousand a year?

Thanks all!
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