Can you recommend a carry-on luggage with wheels that doubles as a garment bag?
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Can you recommend a carry-on luggage with wheels that doubles as a garment bag?

I am looking for a carry-on luggage that can also be used for garments (suit, shirts, pants). I need it to be able to store the suit safely, but at the same time be able to store one pair of shoes, and some additional clothing (t-shirt, sleeping clothes, etc). A side question - are these effective for carrying suits?

I've looked on Amazon and spotted two things. One is a luggage/garment bag: here. Anther is a duffle bag thing. I'm not really into the duffle bag, so I'd like to stick with the rolling thing. I also looked at the Macy's website but it was not too helpful. Maybe a trip to the store would help. But I'd like to see if there were any specific recommendations from anyone who has used one or knows of a good one. Thanks!
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I have a travelpro Suiter style suitcase I really like. It you haven't used the search term "Suiter" you should find a many options.

I have an older 21" model which is perfect since it can be fit small side out in an airplane's overhead compartment. The 22" models and larger typically have to go sidewards.
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There was just a NY Times piece about the website for a luggage called Skyroll which seems like the sort of thing you're looking for...
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I use this 22-inch rolling garment-bag/suitcase from Briggs and Riley and I could not possibly recommend it strongly enough. I've flown with it several dozen times-- maybe more-- and it's compact (usually goes in "small side out" in an overhead bin) but easy to maneuver and incredibly functional.

I will add that the bag has a lifetime warranty and that they make good on it. (The handle got bent once a few years ago, and I was able to bring it in to a local authorized repair shop that quickly ordered me a new handle and sent me back out, good as new.) I've been using it for years and I expect I will keep using it for many many more.
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Seconding TravelPro. Love their stuff, particularly the higher end lines like Crew 8. Check out what George Clooney's super-traveller character is wheeling in "Up In the Air". I bought my most recent one on Amazon, who managed to undercut even the lowest Macys price.
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Oh yaaaa I remember Up In The Air hahah! I will watch it again...he uses a TravelPro also? The TravelPro seems to have a bunch of front pockets; does it add much to the depth, since I probably will not use those front pockets? 22" one should fit, right?

I looked at Skyroll and Move, but they cost so much. Briggs and Riley is too much, too. I am on a student budget I don't have a job yet! :D
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I use this 22-inch rolling garment-bag/suitcase from Briggs and Riley

Just want to say that if Briggs and Riley is part of the answer, it's a good one.

If you're going to use a rollaboard of any time*, the *MOST* important thing is the wheels. They need to be far enough apart** to be stable, and to roll freely, and if you're buying a bag to last ***, you'll want ones that you can replace. And, in general, a rollaboard that has decent wheels is a well built bag.

There are two brands to buy -- TravelPro, Briggs and Riley. If you decide to avoid the wheels, Eagle Creek then comes into play, but I've never seen rollaboards of theirs that I liked.

* I don't. I'm a confirmed travelpack guy.

** Why do almost all rolling duffle bags suck large rocks? This.

*** See the Samuel Vimes Theory of Economic Injustice as to why you shouldn't buy a cheap bag.
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I've flown every week for the past 3 months with a carry-on only. I have a Tumi T-Tech Presidio, which I like a lot. Enough space for 2 suits and everything else that needs to go along with them, fits in overheads, rolls nicely. No complaints so far.
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The Briggs & Riley suitcase is indeed super-expensive, and it isn't my place to second-guess anybody else's cost constraints. I would like to point out, though, that if you amortize cost over lifespan it's probably one of the least expensive suitcases available. And that if you have friends or family who give gifts at this time of year, you could beg for it. :)
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The front pockets on the TravelPros don't add any noticeable depth when empty. By the way, the model I use most frequently these days is a Walkabout Lite 22 inch which is currently $90.66 on Amazon (apologies if they show you a different price or it's sold out or something).
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Thanks everyone. If you have any further suggestions I'd like to hear them. I think I'm going with the Travelpro for now. Yes, if I buy a good suitcase, and it lasts long, then it's worth it over the long term. I do that with things I use often. But I don't have the money to put down that much money right now.
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