SantaFilter: My five-year-old son wants a "real" Star Wars light saber for Christmas.
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There are approximately one billion models of light saber toys out there. I'm looking at reviews, but it occurs to me maybe someone here has a great rec for a sturdy, non-lame light saber toy.

If you have a hack to make one, I am not adverse to some minor engineering to make that happen. Thanks!
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I have one of the ForceFX ones (the ones usually about $100) that's pretty durable, has a good weight to it, and makes the required noises. I wouldn't go too too nuts with banging it around on things or doing a lot of hard hits, but the blade is a really heavy plastic and seems pretty solid.
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We got this one for my son, who is 4 and a half. It's not as nice as the $100 jammy but it is still shockingly nice, and much sturdier than you'd imagine. It clearly won't stand up to a full-power adult brawl but it has held up to some fairly heavy kid fighting. It's awesome.
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I have an ultrasabre, which is sturdy as hell. THe cool thing about them is you have a variety of custom options, plus the blade can be replaced/upgraded.
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I have an almost 6 year old, and he has this Grievous lightsaber. It has suffered MUCH ABUSE. Trust me, I'm the one defending myself. You can use it a bunch of different ways (double with the spinner, double without, 2 separate individual sabers). It lights up and has fighting sound.

When the light fades and it starts turning itself off, just replace the batteries. It's moderate in its battery usage.

I can't find the exact one, but we also have a totally collapsible red Vader saber. He likes that one, too. For when he's feeling evil. It's just as sturdy and non-battery operated (no lights, no sound). The Grievous one is not collapsible.
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WOW. I think I just pooped in my pants a little when I saw those Ultrasabers.

Thanks, Wossname! Can you really "duel" with them -- I mean, a have two boys (7 and 9), and I imagine they would waste no time before banging their sabers together. Would these sabers survive?

Oddly enough, yesterday I wandered through the "3-D Shop" at the Rhode Island School of Design (buying some balsa wood and some eye bolts), and shone a bright flashlight up through the display of plexiglass rods while wondering about how to make something like this. For fitty bucks, I might just let them do it for me!
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wenestvedt - Yes, if you get the heavy duty blade, they will take a beating. Here's a video with horrible music demonstrating them getting a beating.
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Thanks -- I think we'll start with the Target model, and maybe work up to the Ultrasbre if he can prove he can use The Force appropriately.
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