Blackwater River State Park now "Xe River State Park"
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Have you been to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia or its surrounding towns?

Boy and I are going for a woohoo-another-semester-of-law school-is-over weekend in a cabin at Blackwater Falls State Park, WV. I'm crazy psyched to be able to leave town without casebooks and relax a bit. We're driving from DC and spending friday-sunday there. I'm psyched for some nature and hiking [and maybe snow!], but there doesn't seem t be a ton of info about the area online-and while I'm not a crazy-planner, I like to know my options. So:
sites we should see?
trails that are awesome?
food in nearby Thomas and/or Davis?
general awesomeness of all types?
Bonus points for anything along the way from WV back to DC on Sunday
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Response by poster: oh, freakin a, man. I ruined my cute little headline joke. It's Blackwater FALLS.
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It has been several years since I have visited Blackwater Falls. It is a great area.

But on the way back to DC perhaps a stop at Shepherdstown, WV or Harpers Ferry national park. Shepherdstown is a college town and is a cozy place. Harpers Ferry is an awesome place. Google either. Shepherdstown is close to the Antietem battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD. And you have a great view from there. There is a Casino in Charles Town, WV that draws a great crowd. So an interesting area.
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I was just in that area last weekend, but I don't know it too well ... I just go for the kayaking =)

* My friends seem to like to head to the Purple Fiddle in Thomas for food/music
* Hellbender Burritos in Davis is supposed to be good. My friends loved what they ordered, but the Shovelhead burrito was awful.
* I've heard bad things about Sirianni's (sp?) Cafe in Davis
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Seconding Purple Fiddle. Great beer, great music. When I was in high school/early college, we loved Sirriani's but then again, I was in High School/Early College. I grew up near there, in a town about 45 minutes away (too far for anything, although they do have a Polar Express train running this weekend)
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