Can anyone recommend an ISP in Houston?
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Can anyone recommend a good, independent ISP in Houston?

I'm looking for a decent alternative to the terrible customer service and/or terrible internet that I've been getting.

This would be for home business use, with no servers being run, low usage. I don't want a data cap. My speed requirements are relatively low (2mps actual or even less would be fine, right now, I'm lucky to get 564k at the high points with Clear).

I also want the service to be stable and solid.

I've tried Comcast and Clear so far, and both have either bad customer service (Comcast), or bad quality coupled with bad customer service (Clear).

I am not interested in using AT&T, as their customer service is even worse than Comcasts...

Are there any local ISPs that would be suitable for my usage requirements?

I'm inside the inner loop, and not too far from the Medical Center.
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Grande's website doesn't indicate service in Houston.
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