Movies featuring tumbleweed.
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Looking for shots of tumbleweed in movies/tv.

It's for a possible editing project. I'd prefer clips from from serious classic westerns but any suggestions welcome. So far all I have is The Big Lebowski and Silverado.
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Here's a bunch.
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I think you'll find some stretched across the following Horror films

Feast (most of the film is at night, but you might catch a tumbleweed in the last scene or so), Feast 2, Feast 3
Devil's Rejects

those are just off the top o' my head.
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Undead or Alive
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There's plenty of tumbleweed footage on the youtubes. Probably not what you're looking for, but this one's pretty neat.
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Black&White okay? If so, find an episode of The Outer Limits called Cry Of Silence.

(timsteil beat me to it!)

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Thanks for these. Black and white is fine.
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Shooting Stars, for Vic's jokes.

I swear I remember tumbleweed in Eraserhead, but exactly where escapes me.

Looking forward to this one, Dunk. :)
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Here's a cartoon one. Please let me know when it's finished!
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