[Toronto-filter] Skinning a leather couch
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Is there any way to make money off an old leather couch -- or at least put the leather to good use?

We're in Toronto, ON.

We have a very large sectional leather couch that is old beyond repair or restuffing. It seated, maybe, nine people in its heyday. We're replacing the couch but wondering if it is possible to sell the leather for re-use, or at least donate the leather somewhere that it might serve some sort of purpose.

The couch itself is beyond repair; we're planning on skinning it.
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Send it to someone like this.
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Post it on Craigslist or Freecycle.org. If there's an art school or an upholstery shop nearby, they might love it.
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Perhaps you could make smaller things out of it as a project, like jackets, pants, ottomans, etc. You could dye it colors.
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Check under the cushions for change.
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On the "projects" tip, I've long had the idea which, like most of my ideas, I've never acted upon, of making chessboards out of woven leather. Granted, you'd need an alternate color of leather as well, but it could be a fun project and, given the amount of leather you've got, could earn you some money on etsy or somewhere as well.
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making chessboards out of woven leather

that's a neat idea - especially if you leave the board flexible so it can be rolled up and portable, with a matching leather bag for the pieces
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