Affordable, high-quality HEPA vacuums?
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Recommendations for an affordable, high-quality HEPA vacuum cleaner?

We may need to buy a HEPA vacuum to deal with lead dust in our house, and need recommendations for high-quality - and hopefully not break-the-bank expensive - models.
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From last week.
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I've recommended it here before, but the Eureka Boss has a HEPA filter, and works very well. The only drawback is that it's really heavy, but that's only because it has such a huge motor on it.
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The Miele Polaris will last for many many years and accepts a HEPA filter.
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nthing a Dyson. I forget which model we have but it's the non-ball, pet model from a few years back.

5 year warranty, bagless, HEPA, cleanable/reusable lifetime filter (which we had to replace because our dog ate it while it was drying out from washing, very affordable replacement cost [also a simple process]), turbine pet hair wand that is GREAT for furniture with pet hair on it.
Expensive up front cost and almost never on sale (we used a Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon that didn't list them as forbidden)

End result is a HEPA vacuum that we fully expect to last for years and years with virtually zero operating cost, excepting electricity of course. I hear the Ball models have less suction so beware.
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