Lost control of YouTube account - please help?
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I'm having a major problem at work with our YouTube account and I can't for the life of me elicit any effective help from Google (pretty much restricted to forum postings with no response after a month). Can anyone advise about how to get help from Google?

Here's the gist of it: we have a work YouTube account for our non-profit under an old Google Apps account that was set up as a personal account. When we were eventually granted 'official' non-profit status with Google, the next time we logged in they said we had to change our account over as they'd changed their accounts system. In the process, somehow, our YouTube account/login address got deleted and though the videos and account are still live, we can't login or change our login details! So we've effectively lost control of the account and our username on YouTube.

If anyone can offer concrete steps to remedy this (have tried emailing Google through the Google Apps support system - they don't support YouTube and general Google forums) we'd be very grateful indeed!

Many thanks!
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MeMailed you about this.
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