What strange, creative websites/projects do you enjoy?
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What quirky, totally creative, strange but enjoyable websites/projects that you enjoy? I like these: Jessica Hagy's thisisindexed.com, Andre Jordan's abeautifulrevolution.com, postcrossing.com (amazing project), xkcd.com. Just tired of reading negative, fluff stuff. Looking for more projects like the above, can you suggest some?
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Girls are Pretty might fit the bill.
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If you like My Milk Toof you might like My Cardboard Life and Articulate Matter
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I really dig Sinfest (despite the name, SFW).
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What qualities do the things you name have in common?
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While I second box's question, I can also intuit that you'll like cockeyed.com and many of the things linked in this classic AskMe post.
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Response by poster: some of the links mentioned, I am not sure they are safe for work :D
So, I'll check them out later. Thanks to everyone who answered so far.
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Missed Connections
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clavicle, I'm not sure whether that's meant to be funny / clever or you just forgot to include a link. It is funny.
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Response by poster: Gauche, that link is to this same page, so it is recursive. Not sure if it is intentional, but it definitely is funny
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Futility Closet
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Very Small Array (SFW)
Not Always Right (SFW; Censored Bad Words)
Dan Meth (Mostly SFW?)
Correlated (SFW)

+1 for PostSecret (which is occasionally NSFW).
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Response by poster: Hi Box,

The only thing they have in common, is they are unique and enjoyable. Indexed, for example, was the first blog to use venn diagrams (I think) to look at life - I believe there are quite a few others now. Anyway, just looking for something unique and enjoyable, not the usual fluff/rehashed stuff.

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Hark A Vagrant
Everything2 (requires some digging)
The Laugh Out Loud Cats
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I love, love, love Brain Pickings.
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Response by poster: stellaluna - yes, I like brain pickings too.
If you like trivia and interesting stuff, look for - damninteresting.com and this http://dlewis.net/nik/
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Traced — lived, written and drawn by Tracy White, guaranteed 95% true.
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Hurray, I'm unintentionally hilarious! Wish I had made that joke on purpose, but no, I meant THIS classic AskMe.
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I really like Color Me Katie, which I think I discovered through an AskMe looking for the source of some amazing sparkly shoes. Certainly can be describe as positive, quirky and creative.
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Angry Spaceman (totally NSFW) can either be weird or funny depending what mood you are in.
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If you like photojournalistic stories, I suggest Pictory, a website that showcases curated photo stories within a theme.
posted by jermspeaks at 12:28 AM on December 13, 2011

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