What dish was I served in Burma, and how can I make it at home?
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What is the name of this dish and how can I make it? Ingredients include: white fungus (I think), fresh tomatoes, lime, cashew nuts, shrimp. Eaten in Burma near the Thai border.

The dish was fairly light, as if the ingredients had been boiled or steamed then dressed with a sweet/sour/spicy dressing. Although I ate it in Burma I suspect it might be Chinese, maybe with some Thai influence.
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Fungus = tofu? Rice noodles? Both? Tomatoes could have been red chilli? Maybe a Pad Thai or a variation thereof.
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Here's a Thai white fungus salad from the great book Hot, Salty, Sour, Sweet -- the ingredients are different from what you describe, but it should give you an idea of how to make a dressing and handle the fungus.
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