Box of bones
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Human or what? Kids found a box of bones (photo). Here's a photo ( Sure you advise us to go to the police, but really .. any chance these are human ? Thanks
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Used to teach comp anatomy lab sections for many years and a semester of the class. I really doubt those are human bones and here is why...there are obviously several vertebrae sitting next to your box. Look at the "spine" sticking out of the thoracic vertebrae --they are really long and at an odd angle for humans. (Goole human vertebrae and look at the parts of each one and look for thoracic in particulsr. Also, in your box, i can see part of what looks like either a scapula or os coxae (ilium, pelvic, etc fused )--the shape is also off for a human. Id google the nsmes of those bones, too, and human to look at the shape.Typing on a tiny screen, please forgive the edits, it would take me forever to fix this.
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Not human as far as I can see. At least one ungulate metatarsal there. The vertebrae are too long to be human. The pelvis is very wrong for humans. Looks like deer to me.

I'm an archaeologist not a doctor though.
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I would guess hog or horse of some sort. The femur you show is pretty long, so I'm not guessing a dog of any sort. Do you have a mandible? That would seal the deal.
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Seconding both of the major points that Wolfster mentions. The spine has wicked long processes, and second, in the box, there's a bone that has a deep but smallish socket joint.

I suggest either an acquaintance that hunts, or a regional state park with a big nature center or state university extension center, any of which should be able to figure it out, especially if it's a deer or other wildlife.
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Taking my human osteology final tomorrow ... in agreement that it's probably not a human. The vertebrae are funky, the pelvis (?) is oddly shaped. I'd also suggest deer. Any teeth?
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Response by poster: No skull, teeth or mandible that I can identify. Thanks for answers so far.
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Since someone above recommended you call someone in a position like mine, and indeed, people leave me boxes of mysterious bones they found in the woods, I'll chime in.

Deer. Could be sheep/goat, depending on your location, proximity of farms/old housing where there might be very old trash heaps, availability of wild sheep/goat types animals. But probably deer.

I mean, there could be a tiny human fragment mixed in there, I suppose, even though I don't see one, and maybe it's some other quadruped, or a couple of quadrupeds mixed together. I'll even hedge my bets with "it's one photo, and bones are 3-D structures, etc," but from that pic I see a pile of beat-up old deer bones of roughly similar amounts of wear.
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Deer makes a lot of sense if there's no skull. The head may be mounted somewhere.
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Response by poster: We'll call it deer (Bambi?). Thank you hive mind.
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If there's even a tiny chance ("there could be a tiny human fragment mixed in there"), I would absolutely turn them over. No need to get über-involved – just turn them over.
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My gut reaction was those are deer bone, no particular reason, except everything's about the right shape and size (at least assuming that's standard milk crate size). It'd also explain the missing head (you cut the head off when you remove the hide, even if it's not a trophy buck).
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Not human. Not horse. Certainly not cow. Betting not dog, too big for cat. Unlikely sheep or goat from the size of the spinal process. Probably deer.
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