yoga pants for men?
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Affordable yoga pants for men?

Looking for some wicking (not cotton), reasonably priced (not lululemon or ibex) yoga pants for men. Would these underarmour pants work? Anon because the man I'm secretly shopping for is a MeFite.
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When I took a yoga class in college I (and all the other guys in the class) just wore gym shorts.

I wore boxer briefs under mine. No idea what the other guys did to prevent showing off their parts too much, or even if there was an attempt to not show off.
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i had the most ridiculous time finding good yoga pants for guys.

but, I did end up spending the money on lululemon. and yes, most men will wear shorts. my teacher has been kindly asking me to switch over to shorts (iyengar teachers are like that -_- ) my first class, I tried wearing cotton sweats and it was a disaster. you cannot hold poses properly. i can do it in my lululemon pants because the material is grippy, important especially in balance poses. and you want to avoid baggy. lululemon will do free alterations, something i took advantage of. otherwise the cuffs would have been hanging off my feet. but prana is a good brand..
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These seem to fit the bill and are reasonably priced.
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Quick note on lululemon: they've made a point of displaying conservative slogans on their shopping bags. No judgment, but some people take strong political stances into account when making purchases.

But yeah, finding a good men's pant for yoga is not easy. I lucked out and found something at a Walgreen's. essexjan's suggestion seems great.
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I asked my yoga teacher where he got his pants. It turns out he had bought many pairs of yoga pants on a trip to Thailand to bring back for his Thai massage students. He sold me three pairs for $10 each. You may want to check with your teacher(s) in case you get lucky like I did.
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