Tips on mini-split air conditioning?
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Does anybody have any experience buying/installing/using a mini-split air conditioner in the U.S.? [mi]

I may be soon living in a windowless bedroom in Brooklyn. If I don't have air conditioning in there, I will probably actually, literally die. Unfortunately, leaving the door open is not an option, and there is no way to use a portable air conditioner given the apartment layout. So I am looking into installing a mini-split AC unit, with the compressor on the roof (it is a flat roof, and I will be on the top floor). It looks like I can get a big enough unit the keep the room arctic for about $750. But does anybody have any idea how much installation is going to run me, or how invovled the whole process is? I'm not going to try to do it myself.

In other respects, it's a great apartment, and a great deal. Otherwise I wouldn't be gearing up to spend $1000+ on an air conditioner in a rental. But, will this work? Should I just find another place?
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If getting the landlord's permission isn't a problem, and the roof is immediately above your room, I can't imagine it would be that difficult; probably about as complex as installing a satellite dish.
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I know that this doesn't answer your question, armchairsocialist, but you don't have an email address in your profile for me to take this offline: you know that NYC mandates that all bedrooms have windows, right? If you're being rented an apartment with a windowless bedroom, you're being rented an illegal apartment.
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I have used a DeLonghi Pinguino portable air conditioner. You need to fill the resevoir with water and hook a venting hose to a window. Check out and other online resources.
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No installation - such as required by a mini-split - is required. BTW - there are alternatives to the DeLonghi units. Shop around.
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Oops ... on preview ... noticed that you said "windowless bedroom." You still might be able to hook up a venting hose from a portable AC in the bedroom to another room ... or, get enough BTU's to cover the entire apartment.
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Just check its cooling capacity is suitable for your room size.
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I've installed one of similar design from Sanyo in my server closet at work. There's not really much to it. You need electric service at both points. You will also need two holes to run the pipes. Other than that, there's nothing to it.
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