Starting GeekTool in the background?
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I have GeekTool v3.0.1 running on 10.6.8. How can I get it to start up on login and just run in the background?

I added it to my startup items and it starts up just fine but it starts up in the "edit" mode and I just want my geeklets to run, not edit them.

I have the version installed from the Mac App Store that isn't a Pref Pane but a .app, if that's significant.
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Make An app run headless

Update the app bundle startup sequence

Tweak the startup parameters by:

right-clicking (or control-clicking) the .app bundle
choose "Show Package Contents"
double click on the "Contents" folder
double click on the info.plist file
the Property List Editor launches to let you modify info.plist
open the "Root" triangle
look for "LSBackgroundOnly" and set it to "Yes" if it is not already.
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Does this prevent the app from running in the foreground? In other words, will I have to go back into the Plist editor and change that bit back to make any changes?
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Do a search for an application called dockless and this should automate the above steps. But yes it does prevent the app from running in the foreground.
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