Recommend a zombie movie for a high school setting
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What movie should I show my class about the spread of infection?

I am currently in my first practicum as a student teacher, and one class is doing a unit on disease, public health, and [at most punnett square level] genetics.
We're working through this unit much faster than they're probably used to, so I would like to set aside 2 half-periods to watch a movie to tie things together and reward their hard work.

While I imagine that any zombie movie will work, I don't feel like getting in trouble by showing something too full of gore/nudity, and I am also not well versed in film enough to feel like I have made the best choice. A movie that does not blatantly contradict what they are being taught would also be helpful.

In case it is relevant, which it might be, this is a grade 11 science class at the lowest [3rd] level, and likely the last science course these students will ever take. Mostly these students are clever, but do not attend school [for various reasons] often enough to continue in the regular stream.
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Outbreak might be good here. It's somewhat lengthy (127 minutes), but if you're willing to skip some of the character development/moral wrangling stuff, it's got all sorts of goodies related to the spread of a Really Nasty Disease.
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I second Outbreak! Scary idea.

Andromeda Strain. Oldie but goodie.

I Am Legend. Scares the daylights out of me because I live in NYC.
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They showed us The Andromeda Strain when I was in high school. No idea if the newer remake is any good.

I seem to recall 28 Days Later as not having been all that gory. Most of the violence is implied through editing, except when someone's eyes are gouged out. And, er, tons of people vomit blood everywhere.

You could play the zombie parodies from The Simpsons and Community.

You would be my hero if you'd show Pontypool, but that would be educational in a different way.
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Nthing Outbreak and I am Legend.
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Outbreak earned an R rating for I dunno what, but here are some educational resources for it. Contagion earned a PG-13, has a slightly higher IMDB rating (whatever that's worth), and garnered mild praise for its treatment of the science.
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Warning Sign


The Crazies
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Contagion was great. It's was scientifically reasonable, well acted, well paced, addressed socioeconomics, didn't have a completely ridiculous ending and I don't remember any nudity or violence.

If you want a movie about Washing Your Hands that's the one.
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Seconding Contagion. For me, the story was scary because it was realistic; there was no need for zombies. Bonus, it features a young teen and the impact of the epidemic on her life - a character your students might relate to.
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2nd Warning Sign for similar science-y reasons; as I recall it doesn't demonize science and they solve their problem with cleverness, not braun.
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No zombies, but for the intersection of infectious disease, public health, and genetics, And the Band Played On would be a good choice.
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You might also consider playing the game Pandemic. It's fun and all about disease spreading around the world.
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28 Days Later
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Another vote for Contagion, for the reasons given above.

The handling of the science is genuinely suburb, with clear explanations of transmission methods (aerosols, fomites), incubation times, basic epidemiology concepts, vaccine development, etc. There's nothing in the film that's wrong, and a great deal of incidental, blink-and-you'll-miss-it background detail that they could have bluffed but took the time to get right.

Plus it's actually a pretty great story with a very good cast. Much less high-octane than e.g. I Am Legend with no creepy dark spaces and little or no violence, but very gripping/moving all the same.

It's probably worth noting that most of the protagonists are professionals and often parents, so your class might not engage as well. There is a romantic storyline centered on two teens though.

Fair warning: I think it was genuinely a good, general-interest film, but I'm a virus geek so my opinion of it is probably biased.
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Okay! It looks like I have some good choices to check out this weekend. I've only seen 28 Days Later, which I assumed was rated R, but I think that Contagion and Outbreak are clearly popular options.

From what I just read about Pontypool, it is going in my own personal viewing list, along with The Crazies. I think that And the Band Played On might be an excellent choice, but I am not confident that I could properly deal with the ensuing class discussion.

Thanks for your help!
You have no idea how hard it is not to sign up for 7 different accounts to ask lesson planning / classroom management questions EVERY DAY.
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Contagion is great but there are not yet any legit sources for it AFAIK.
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Yes, I see that the DVD comes out more than a month after I plan to show the movie, so that helps me narrow down the choices.
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Aw, come on, Mr. Acari.... Field trip!
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If you do Outbreak, please point out that the cure was done way faster than it would be IRL. It was a CSI level magical science error.
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Black Death is a movie about an actual, real life outbreak of the bubonic plague. It is on DVD, 102 minutes long and rated R for extreme violence.
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Not a movie, but you may find interest in MMORPG epidemics.
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If you are willing to look at tv, the first episode of Regenesis is a great search for patient zero.
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I watched Outbreak with a bio class and I remember being appropriately terrified but also embarrassed when there was some making out. Not a huge deal, but something PG-13 might be less mortifying for your students.
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Hey, this isn't a movie, but I just listened to the Radiolab podcast on viruses and Patients Zero, and it was really accessible and interesting.
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