I want to watch this movie!
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When will I be able to watch 'La Source des Femmes' that was shown at Cannes this year?

I really want to watch this movie, but I can't find any indications of a US release. I see that it was released in France at the beginning of November, but I can't find any info on other distributions.

I have friends in France that could possibly buy a DVD when they're available - but I can't even tell when that might be?
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I am finding several copies of it floating around online. A simple Google search will turn it up.

If you mean a legitimate issue ... your friends in France might have the best lead there.
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It looks like it is starting to be picked up for distribution outside of France, although not the US yet. But check back in a few months?

As for a DVD it was just released in France this month so probably next year?
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This is far from official, but I'm lucky enough to live next to an art rep theater that has there own film festival (AFI Silver). Every November they have a European Union Film Festival. Many has been the time that I've noticed a film that I was lucky enough to preview at the festival opens for wider release 6-8 months later. And they've presumably already had their run in their country of origin if not the entire EU before they showed up at the festival. It seems that some films, maybe those that have some award buzz, get released in the US much faster; I presume to be seen in time to generate some buzz for the Oscars.
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The DVD will be available via amazon.fr on March 7, 2012.
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