Must have programs for a USB card
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I'm looking for programs that are able to be stored on a USB memory stick that will allow me to run them off the stick and stay on top of things wherever I am. Anyone point me in the right direction?

I already have my daily planner and firefox on the card. What I'm really looking for is a word processsor and perhaps a linux OS? Or really just any good productivity tool
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Best answer: Try
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Additonally, see here.
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I'm assuming that since you can boot Knoppix from CD, if you have a large enough USB memory stick you can probably boot it from that too.
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Best answer: It's late and I can't be bothered finding URLs for all of these, sorry. Essential apps on my USB stick:
  • AbiWord
  • Portable firefox, thunderbird and NVU
  • A TiddlyWiki
  • CDex
  • FileZilla
  • Lupas Rename
  • Miranda IM
  • Foxit PDF Reader
  • Simple File Shredder
  • Star Downloader
  • Undelete
  • Unstoppable Copier
  • Webalizer
  • wget
  • WinRAR
  • xmplay
  • Asterisk Logger
  • BareGrep
  • EditPad
  • Putty
  • SciTE
  • VNC Viewer
  • QM
  • SpaceMonger
  • A zip file containing company logos, fonts, letterheads, templates etc.
  • A full installation of DamnSmallLinux, bootable and with Qemu so it can be run from inside Windows

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What day planner did you use? The only one I saw, Chaos Manager, is over 1 Meg (unless installed it occupies less space than the download).
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or just look at what people have entered on
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A full fledged CMS, including Apache, PHP, ImageMagick and MySQL.
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And Typo3, of course. That's the CMS part.
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Best answer: Yeah... you can run Damn Small Linux if you want a full, virtual machine type environment, bootable in either windows or linux, right from the usb drive. It uses qemu, for whatever it's worth... and it actually is pretty darn cool, if you're looking for something to experiment with.

It also makes for a pretty nifty bootable usb drive in an emergency... that is, if your machine can support that kind of thing.
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Best answer: Things I use now, or have used in the past...

- putty and pscp
- wget
- tightvnc
- winscp
- metapad
- winmerge

- portable firefox
- portable thunderbird
- trillian
- skype [setup.exe]
- still haven't found an rss reader i'm happy with which runs off a usb key (looking into GreatNews at the moment)

- abiword 2.0 (later versions need .dll's and such rather than just the bare .exe)
- foxit pdf-reader
- pdf creator [setup.exe]
- microsoft's word/excel/powerpoint viewers [setup.exe]
- openoffice [setup.exe]

- cdex
- audacity

- irfanview
- photo brush is a nice photo touch-up tool which (at least used to) run from a usb drive
- noiseware community edition
- paint shop pro (and animation shop) [setup.exe]

- virtualdub and the excellent deshaker filter

- k-lite codec pack (full version, not mega) [setup.exe]
- media player classic
- winamp

- winrar
- deepburner [setup.exe]

and because public access pieces are always a real mess, various security and system maintenance tools:
- hijackthis and cwshredder
- adaware and spybot
- stinger
- mcafee's command-line scanner
- norton windoctor
- crap cleaner is a very good, very conservative registry cleaner
- various tools from

I don't use web-design apps, or any kind of personal information manager.
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Although it may be slightly at a tangent to what you want it for, there's a U3 smart drive thing which will enable the same kind of functionality - i.e. programs reside on USB, and do not need to install on the host machine.

A lot of the things already mentioned are good, but they sound like they need to be installed onto the machine into which you insert the USB stick - just like if you were to burn the application setup files to a CD, and carry it around.

It all depends on what you're actually expecting to do with these applications, and whether you'll be at liberty to install things...

Just like having an Amiga again, after all these years. Strange how things come around...
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Chunder: all of the apps on my list can be run directly from the USB stick. rjt's far more comprehensive list includes some that need installing but he's marked these with [setup.exe]
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Just found portable openoffice as well, but I'd still recommend keeping abiword and the office viewers around as OOo can be pretty resource intensive and there's no guarantee that a public pc will up to the job of running a fully-featured suite.
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I made a page with my favorites with links, working on a torrent

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Forgot to put in the description of the url:
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I use KeePass & EPIM (both are freeware) everyday!
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In the event that you actually need/want a browser that is IE-based (but much safer and more configurable), Maxthon can be configured to run quite nicely from a small USB key. You could probably put it and Firefox on the same key, in fact.
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MUST have: Password Safe
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