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Where should I buy Escada Rockin' Rio?

I know nothing about perfume or retailers. I want to get 100ml bottle for Mrs. Jeffamaphone. I don't care about price. I want it to be real. I'd like the vendor to be reputable. I've heard that its not made anymore? Does that matter?
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I've bought from sellers over the Amazon Marketplace with no problems. Here's two selling that scent--pricey!
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Best answer: I was in love with one of the Escada tropical scents a couple of years ago - I believe they release a new one every year. That said, it looks like you can still buy a 3.3 oz (100 ml) bottle of Rockin' Rio at Macy' for $72. Maybe not the deal of a lifetime, but I would bet that's MSRP, it's a legit retailer, and at least there's free shipping
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