Friend's father is dying - how does he prepare?
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I'm trying to find an NPR interview/piece on recording the stories of elderly family members for future generations. I recently learned that a friend's father is dying of Lou Gehrig's disease and has been given between 18 months to five years to live.

I'm trying to come up with ideas for him to make the most of the time he's got left with his father. One thing that struck me was an NPR piece that involved recording elderly family members telling stories from their past so future generations could hear their voices, but I'm having trouble finding the interviews on their site.

He's also planning a trip with his father to next year's World Cup in Germany.

Anyone else have experience with this sort of thing? Any other ideas for him? Thanks in advance.
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I think you're looking for Storycorps. The project started with a booth in Grand Central Terminal.
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Response by poster: Yes! I believe that's it. Thanks.

I'm still open to any other ideas, or similar experiences people have had with this.
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Here is the NPR story you're looking for.
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OpinioNate, you (or your friend) might want to check out Transom -- practical, hands-on advice for non-professionals who want to record audio.

The Smithsonian Folk Life folks have put out a guide for recording oral history -- more focused on how to initiate the interview, ask questions, etc., though there is some tech info. (It's always worth poking around in the Folk Life archives -- some truly stupendous audio there.)

This must be such a shock for both your friend and his father. I'm glad you're helping out.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions and links everyone. This will be a good start for me.
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