Hope Me To Not Show Up Wineless!
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Need to pick up some wine between Oakland Airport and Inner Richmond in SF.

Flying into OAK and then BARTing/MUNIing to a friend's house on Balboa in time for dinner, hopefully. Where can I pick up a middling nice bottle or two of wine, on the fly? Getting off BART at Powell St Station, but I would be able to debus from the 31 and get back on the next one, hopefully, if there is a good place along that route.
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There's a BevMo on Geary at Stanyan. All the wine you could ever want.
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K&L is a couple blocks from the Powell street BART, but has an awesome selection.
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K&L is great, but thats a longish hike I'd try either Cask or the Napa Valley Wine Exchange
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There is a Vino Volo in the Oakland airport, terminal 2 near the start of the people movers. I cannot vouch for its selection or prices, all I know is that I walk past it every time I fly Southwest.
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Safeway always has several $20-40 bottles. Might not be the best prices, but you have to pay for convenience.
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I'd stop at Bristol Farms. It's inside (on the lower level) of the San Francisco Centre, which the Powell St BART connects directly to (no need to go outside even). They sell wine.
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This is late, but the airport may have wine.
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