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I'm looking for fabric to make a skirt or dress. I want a large format landscape printed parallel to the selvage, like this, not a repeating print across the fabric like this. Can you help me find one? Know of any fabric stores with this kind of stock? Google-fu has let me down.
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I would call Britex. They have a lot more in the store than on their website and they know fricking everything about fabric. If they don't have it, they'll know where to get it.
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Would the Marimekko Kaiku print work? That link is to 56" wide yardage that's crazy expensive, but I bet they make it smaller and/or you can get it for cheaper, maybe on eBay.
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Have you checked your local Ikea? They have much more fabric than they show online. It may be trendy (like the Marimekko) rather than classic (like the one you linked), but I suspect they'd have something.
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"Railroaded" is the term you're looking for (although, unfortunately, that will give you a lot of Google results for lame train-themed prints). Etsuko Furuya does some very cute railroaded fabrics, though they're hard to find.
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Look for vintage fabric, would be my best guess. I have some homemade vintage skirts with similar prints, but I've hardly ever seen them on modern clothes.
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"Border print" is another name for the type of layout, like so.
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Etsy has some fun ones

pink floral
mod floral repeat
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Superbuzzy sells a lot of Japanese border prints, some cutesy, some more grown-up. Most will be mid-weight cottons and cotton/linen blends, maybe some double gauzes. Gorgeous Fabrics sells a lot of border prints in a wider variety of fabrics.
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Metroid baby linked to Spoonflower which is a business that custom prints fabric. You might be able to make your own design and get it printed.

One category they have is large print designs which might have something:

large designs
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So far, nothing off the rack that suits me. Though I'd still like to find something in a highly pictorial style, I don't think I can resist turning one of my favorite painter's work into a cute skirt in cotton sateen. Thanks! Find any landscape railroaded prints, please add them here!
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SuperBuzzy usually has border prints- a little pricey, but sooo cute
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spoonflower "firebird". fab. u. lous.
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