Our fancy dress party theme is '2011'. Any ideas?
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Our fancy dress party theme is '2011'. Any ideas?

We're going to a New Year fancy dress party, the theme of which is '2011'. So you can come as anything that's been of interest this year - Amy Winehouse, the last space shuttle, Steve Jobs, Rebecca Black, The London Riots... the list is endless, but my husband doesn't know what to go as and wants some funny ideas.

So far he's thinking about going as Thor, Black Swan or a neutrino.

Suggestions can be as geeky/weird as possible but ideally not more than about £40 to buy/make.

I already have mine sorted, so please don't suggest couple ideas for us!
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I think Princess Beatrice (or, indeed, any Royal Wedding theme) would be funny.
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Set up a tent in the middle of the room and "occupy" the party.
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I have no idea how to create such a costume, but maybe something from Tron Legacy?
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Could he go as PIGS? Wear a swine nose, plus some clothing representative of the failing countries, and then carry around a bucket or hat asking for change or a bailout?
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Wikipedia generally does a decent job of summing up each year's big events (there's a more UK-centric one as well). The ones that jumped out as ideas for me are:

* Steve Jobs (who passed away this year)
* One of the Daily Mail reporters who were hacking celebrities' phones
* Voldemort (it was the last Harry Potter movie this year)
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Here's a few ideas, obviously some of these may not be appropriate for your party:
- A twitter hashtag
- Osama Bin Laden zombie
- A nuke plant smokestack (thinking Fukushima)
- A foreclosure sign
- Muammar Gaddafi
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Bonus points on the twitter hashtag if it references the Anthony Weiner scandal. :-)
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Go as Officer Pike and casually pepper spray (silly string) everyone. It's all fun and games until campus police show up in riot gear.
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He should just PLANK his way around the party.
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Nyan Cat!
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Response by poster: Metroid Baby - I'M going as Nyan Cat so that one's a no. But it's a great suggestion!
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A Muppet?
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Pippa's bum.
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My boyfriend and I ended up going as faster than light neutrinos for Halloween - he was the neutrino (all in black, helmet, suitcase with stickers for CERN and Opera) and I was light (wrapped up in Christmas lights with reflective clothing for sparkle). I know you said you didn't want a couple costume, but I had figured out how I would make it an individual costume - I would have made a wire hook, probably with a coat hanger, than curved up and towards the back of the helmet/hat, and used the Christmas lights (battery operated) to make a bunch of light at the end of that hook - so wherever you are, you would be "faster than light"

(If I have explained this badly, google finding nemo scary fish - that's the kind of light hook I was envisaging, except going behind not in front!)

Good luck!
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"I'm Peter Bishop."
"You don't look anything like Peter Bishop."
"Not in this universe, no."
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