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I'm trying to run an ordinal regression in SPSS. Are my independent variables factors or covariates?

I just want the ordinal regression equivilant of taking a bunch of variables and throwing them in a regression. Variables have different levels of measurement. (some dichotomous, some continuous etc.). Which box do I throw them into?
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Typically, in GLMs, factors refer to categorical predictors and covariates refer to continuous predictors. I haven't used SPSS to do an ordinal regression, but I would imagine that it is the same here.
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Are you asking about the difference between factors and covariates in general? If so, independent variables are factors. Covariates are generally uncontrolled variables that are thought to affect the response - they are thought of as error, if not treated as covariates.
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Jasper411: But in OLS regression independent variables and control variables are mathematically identical, so there's no reason you would have to distinguish them for the computer.

Naturesgreatestmiracl: I assume that by categorical you mean nominal (as opposed to ordered categories)? What about dummy variables?
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Okay, so it's a drag and drop thing. Looking at a sample dialog box here, it appears that it's making a categorical/continuous distinction.
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I assume that by categorical you mean nominal (as opposed to ordered categories)?

Right. You can use the dummy coded variables (or effects coded or contrast coded) variables in the covariates box if you want to get the coeffcients for the particular categories.
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It is late and I am sleepy, but the "ordinal" bit refers to the dependant variable. I know that the question may have been answered already, but I am still trying to figure out what the question is. Do you want to look at using nominal independent variables with an ordinal dependant?
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