Do new and hip fleece patterns exist?
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DIY Holiday Gifts: I love sewing easy projects with fleece, but hate how all the patterns out there are stuck in the 80s. Help me find some more hip, updated and/or useful patterns!

I've started a little late on planning my Christmas gifts this year, so I'm turning to my tried-and-true easy and fun gifts: Things made from fleece. It's easy to cut, pin, and sew and I love how 1 yard easily turns into 4 scarves.

I'm looking for new projects for some variety, but everything I find is outdated and looks very simple/boring. For example: Stuck in the 90s
Matching human/dog sweaters!
No ponchos, no!

I'm not looking to sew for kids, just adults, and with the right colors lots of things look better, but I can't seem to find anything that looks even remotely good. I also don't need "no sew" projects, and am looking for everything from hats to coasters to ipad cases. Please suggest some sources!
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What about a reversible coat? (I haven't made it yet, but it's on my list!)
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Best answer: ipad case and cute slippers and mittens here
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I'd suggest looking for projects that use felted sweaters and seeing if you think they'd work in fleece. The fabric properties are similar (although not identical) and I suspect there's a lot of overlap in the kinds of things you can accomplish with them.

Poinsettia Brooch

Pebble cushion

Hot Water Bottle Cover (in polarfleece)
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Can you sew in a zipper? The best thing I ever saw was a big itchy wool sweater that has been lined with fleece and made into a cardigan. Warmest cardigan of all time! You might be able to find one at a used clothing store. Also, if you wanted, you could make me one. just sayin'
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What about sewing with wool felt? Just as easy as fleece and you can make adorable ornaments, stuffies other adorable things. (Very similar to felted sweaters recommended above.) Search etsy for "wool felt patterns" and you will find a bunch of adorable ones.

Also try looking at Burda Style, they have some nice patterns on the site & a really inspiring blog.
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Bucket hat? Rolled-brim hat?
Look for fleece items that you like (in stores, on websites), then use those descriptors plus "pattern" and see if you can find out how it's made. Most accessory type items are pretty simple (1-2 seams) and would be pretty easy to reverse-engineer.
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Stockings? It'd be pretty easy to make your own pattern and then applique on names or shapes.
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Here are a few: Cloche hats, jackets, socks, more hats. The jacket may be more complicated than you are looking for, but it seems to be a simple design.Slippers, maybe? Ponchos maybe not, but I have seen a lot of capes around for the past couple of years.
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I made this last weekend (wearing it right now!). I made the hoodie version- it was pretty easy, and the cardigan looks even easier. It was my first foray into fleece, and considering how easy it was, it won't be my last.
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My cousin makes pillows and legwarmers
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I bought the cheapest pattern I could find at my local fabric store for pajama pants that weren't too tapered, and made them from fleece. They're my favorite thing in the world all winter, and I've been meaning to make more for family members. If you're even more ambitious, try to find a pattern for adult footie pajamas.
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Also, sewing pattern review lets you search by fabric type. Maybe you'll find inspiration there?
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Do you have a serger? One year I made fleece blankets with four panels. I made them the size of twin bed sheets because I was tired of tiny, wimpy "throws" - I determined the size and made a single blanket out of four pieces of fleece, generally two styles in a simple checkerboard pattern. Really, really simple and very useful. I still use my own blanket to this day and it's been 16 years since I made them.

(I made these blankets as Christmas gifts the year my father died. I accept any and all responsibility for "large", "comforting", "warm", "from-the-heart" gifts I may have given that year).
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I made this a while ago, using fleece instead of felt. Obviously it's fairly specific to people who know what a Companion Cube is, but it turned out great even though my handsewing is wonky.
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Response by poster: Yes I have a serger! Wow, such great ideas. Thanks everyone!
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Came across a tutorial today here.
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Another tutorial, for an interesting edging that looks braided.
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