I have money now, how do I know it's going to the right place?
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How can find a trustworthy assessment of my debt?

I've moved a few times and basically lost my student loan paperwork. It's been through a variety of consolidations, bank mergers, etc,. It's embarrassing to ask this, but I have no idea how much I owe now or to whom. A creditor is calling. They're probably legit but how do I know for sure? Is there a way I can check? Googling around...there are a lot of scammy looking results. How do I know if something is bonafide?

Bonus if it includes a summary of what I've paid already.

Yes, I know I've screwed up. I want to get back on track!
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NSLDS -- up to date within a few months or so. Your full credit report will also have this information.
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Get a credit report. If you haven't gotten your free annual credit report, do that. It won't show you your score but it will show you to whom you owe debt and your standing with them.
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Are you on thethe US?myedaccount.com ---?

I'm not sure if this just lists govt subsidized loans or all of them. You might also call your most recent school's financial aid department. They might help alum --maybe even sit with you and walk you through the website --help you recover old passwords, etc.

They may be able to tell you who owns each of your loans and bring you up to date on Obama's new program to help consolidate private and govt loans to a lower interest rate (I think that's what it does)
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