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YANMD: Should I see a GP or go straight to an ENT about this buzzing in my right ear?

For at least a week I've noticed that my right ear has a slight buzzing noise when I'm in a quiet room or when I'm sleeping. I've laid off using earbuds as of late, which seemed to amplify the problem. My left ear is fine, so I'm not sure if it's my earbud use or not (I try keep the volume at a moderate level.)

I used to get a lot of ear infections as a kid, so this could possibly be stemming from that. There's not so much pain but just a general level of discomfort and annoyance. Anything I should try before seeing a doctor?
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Find out if your insurance requires you to get a recommendation from a GP before seeing a specialist.
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Here's some info on tinnitus, which suggests going to your GP and getting a referral to an ENT if needed.
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Otolaryngology (ENT) is a surgical specialty; don't make that your first stop.
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Went to GP, turns out it's fluid in the ear.

Metafilter: Saves you money. :)
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