Online Promotion of Nonprofit Events?
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Non-Profit Event Promotion Filter: This one's for all you do-gooders out there. Where do you find conferences, trainings, etc. to support your non-profit career?

The organization that I work for produces a conference each summer teaching strategic communications for non-profit social change organizations (think ACORN or Jobs with Justice, not the Fuzzy Kitten Society of Poughkeepsie). Participants are chosen through a competitive application process. More applications equals a better pool of folks to choose from.

I'm looking for new online places to promote the event: calendars, list serves, etc. like or the lists at So my question is: nonprofit/ progressive types, where do you find training opportunities online, or alternatively, where do you promote your organization's events?
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Looking for tags like "charity" and "non-profit" seems like it might be a good way to find high-traffic sites.
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I belong to a number of local professional organizations (Maine Association of Nonprofits, Association for Volunteer Administrators, Portland Area Volunteer Administrators (PAVA), Maine Commision for Community Service, etc.) and I get almost all my information through them -- newsletters, email lists, etc.

If you're specifically targeting progressives, you might also want to work with groups like USAction, Democracy for America, ACT, or MoveOn to directly target their membership. I work for a statewide progressive grassroots org, and we get a lot of direct mail from these groups promoting a variety of conferences and such.

Or, there's this list. But bear in mind that most progressives are active in their local/statewide organizations (i.e. "grassroots") rather than as part of a more national picture (its part of the problem with the progressive movement, but that's a conversation for another time). this might be a useful list.
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Thanks for the ideas, phearlez and anastasiav- I'll check 'em out.
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