Open-source job listing/posting software?
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Does there exist a quality open-source CMS that is designed specifically to be used as a job board?

I understand there is the PHProfession plugin for Postnuke, but I also understand that it's terrible. :) Something lightweight is preferable to something huge and bulky. I understand I could customize MT or Wordpress or some such for this purpose, but I'm hoping someone else has made a custom solution. The words "open source" have rendered my Google-Fu useless.
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Just to let you know, I don't think you'd really even need to customize MT much at all. New job descriptions are entries. The job title could either be the entry title or the category, it wouldn't matter. When the job is filled, change the category. As for hacking the templates, all you'd have to do is knock the entry off of the index pages you don't want. Leave the title, the date, the category, whatever so it appears just like a list at or somewhere like that.
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Yeah, I don't think I'd have to change MT/Wordpress much at all. I was just wondering if there's a project dedicated to that area alone.
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Drupal has something, Xoops has a few. Try searching through the most popular things on the CMS matrix and you'll probably find a whole bunch of modules for it.
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