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Many times I'm really interested in what a DVD commentary may have to say, but just don't have enough time to watch the whole movie again, especially if it was a rental. Are there any sites that summarizes the major points made in a commentary, or even transcribes the commentary?
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Half an answer - if you find full transcripts, you could use this to reduce the text to a size of your choice. I've played around with the demo and it's surprisingly good.
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Well, it's pretty far from a full transcript, but I find that usually the most interesting tidbits end up as entries on the movie's IMDb trivia page.
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I bought a dual deck dvd/vcr from overstock.com (a go-video) and just record it on a tape (which reminds me, I never did watch the commentary I taped of "Alice's restaurant").
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Gee, I'm not the only one with this problem. Although, I admit, it is also the case that when I want to watch a movie, I want the movie, not commentary. I can't deal with more than a couple hours of TV in a day, whether that be a movie, shows, or documentary.
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