JRail accessible waterfalls between Osaka and Hiroshima.
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JRail accessible waterfalls between Osaka and Hiroshima.

We'll be traveling along the main line between Osaka and Hiroshima and were thinking of detouring at some point to head up to some nature, preferably a waterfall. A ryokan and onsen would be very nice bonuses. Assuming no ryokan it shouldn't be more that an hour and a half off the main line. (that includes time for a bus etc.)

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.
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Your requirements make it pretty difficult to do this because your route is pretty short, it's pretty built up (urban), and it's going to be just about impossible to do a detour in 30 minutes including time for a bus.

Anyway, Dogo Onsen in Tsuyama, Okayama would be a good choice. Don't know about the nature, don't know about the waterfall, don't know about the travel times, but it was the inspiration for the onsen in Spirited Away.

On the other hand, Shigi Onsen in Nara is about 30 minutes by train and bus from Tennoji in Osaka.
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minoh waterfall
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Seconding Minoh. It has monkeys.
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Just to clarify I meant an hour and a half each way travel time. So the full detour could be three hours plus the amount of time spent at the site.

Off to research the suggestions so far....Thanks.
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Minoh is very cool and easy to get to as there is local Osaka rail leading directly to the base of the path.

We also drove out to Sandankyo Gorge in the hills outside of Hiroshima. We entered halfway up the gorge which provided us with some uncrowded hiking. There is a more touristy area at the bottom.
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