Help us get the perfect pet-sitting thank-you gift!
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Our friends watched our dog over the Thanksgiving holiday (about 5 days), and we'd like to give them a great thank-you gift. Can you help?

The couple recently moved into a new apartment in a major city. She is a newly employed marketing person, and he tends bar at a fancy vegan restaurant. They are both foodie types. They both ride bikes, and also have a car (no car commutes though). She works quite a bit from what I understand, and he works most nights. They are both into indie pop music.

I can think of dozens of things that would make great individual gifts for them: indoor garden for her, beer kit or bar stuff for him. But we're having trouble thinking of good joint gifts for both! My husband and I are quite settled in our house and don't quite remember the things we really wanted in our early stages of cohabiting/nesting.

Our budget is about $150, give or take. We're open to separate gifts and gift cards, but we'd love it if we could get them something AMAZING. Help us think of that amazing thing, please! Thanks in advance!
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The Restoration Hardware towels (as recommended on ask) are amazing, and not something one would necessarily purchase for themselves!

Other than that, maybe tix to an indie music show with a GC for a restaurant they'd both like for dinner before hand? This may be easier if you tell us what city you're in, for specific recs.
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Perhaps some very hard to get bitters for him? Or if they both work really hard and have little time perhaps a gift certificate for a cleaning service for their place? If they have a balcony those little collapsible greenhouses are great for growing things in.
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If they are both foodies, then a gift certificate to a particularly good restaurant would probably go over well.
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If they don't live too far away, you can take them out for a nice dinner. What is more amazing than the company of good friends?!
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Some kind of high-end bedding item? Faribault woolen blankets are neat if this is their kind of style. There's also a plain off-white blanket.
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