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Please tell me quirky, fun, healthy, CHEAP things to do and places to see in Victoria (Australia) over Xmas break.

My friend and I have two weeks off over Christmas. He is based in Melbourne. We want to do a driving holiday. Recommend to me quirky, fun, healthy, CHEAP things to do and places to see.

Already on the list is Boxing Day test at MCG, and a day or two at Confest.

Oh, by the way, we're middle-aged (44 & 51), and of limited fitness but looking to improve. Both of us like walking & swimming. He's a sports fan and a mathematician. I'm an artist and photographer. We're both interested in history and social justice. His music tastes are somewhat last century (think Beach Boys & the Carpenters). Not drinkers but fond of all kinds of food.
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Best answer: Since you're looking for a driving holiday, consider a trip to Mildura. It's quite a nice city, with plenty of small towns on the pleasant drive from Melbourne making it a fun journey. Additionally, you can go up on the Calder Highway, and back on the Sunraysia Highway without adding much time, so you get to see twice as many little towns on the way (and you can also stop in the bigger cities of Ballarat and Bendigo).
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Best answer: If you're interested in Australian history, you might enjoy a trip to Glenrowan, the site of the Kelly gang's last stand. There's a little museum, and they do reenactments several times a day.

The drive to get there is also lovely. Its a little less than three hours from Melbourne, through some really charming small towns.
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Best answer: Spend a day or two around the Central Highlands/Spa country. Up the Calder to Woodend, then to Daylesford via Trentham. Either stay in Dayleford or backtrack to Lyonville. Wind through the forest via Blackwood to join the Western Highway and head on home. There are so many good food options it's ridiculous. PM me if you're interested and I'll give you a list.
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Best answer: Drive to the Grampians via the Great Ocean Road. The inland route (not as interesting) takes about 4 hours, so driving this way would take around 5-6 hours, I think, minus stops for site-seeing.
Also you could drive up to the Snowy River National Park. Not so snowy at this time of year, obviously, but still beautiful. Take plenty of water.
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Response by poster: thanks, very helpful
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Best answer: The alpine areas of Victoria are stunning in summer. They are also not crowded and a lot cooler than the lower areas if we are having a hot spell.

Memail me if you want an essay on specific areas to go.
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Best answer: werribee mansion, on the road to geelong, is good for half a day.
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