Using my domain on blogger
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Using my domain on blogger

I have my own domain currently hosted on I would like to move it to actually be hosted on but still use the domain.

I followed the instructions on to make this happen, and even used their little tool for users but it looks like the result was that my blog will now be posted to domain hosted at

What I wanted was to host it at and avoid the monthly charge from GoDaddy.

Every link / setting I see on blogger is to either buy a new domain that will be hosted on or to have your blog pushed to your domain hosted elseware.

Does anyone have any tips they can share to help me move my domain to blogspot from godaddy so I can close down my godaddy account?

Thank you,
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I think you're trying to do something that isn't an option, or there may be some confusion on my part over what you mean by "host". Your choices for blogspot blogs are: 1. hosting on Blogspot ( or 2. hosting on your own custom domain ( or

If you want the content to exist on blogspot's servers, you have to use a blogspot URL. They only host insofar as you're using their URL, as far as I can tell. If you have a non-blogspot URL registered, someone (but not necessarily GoDaddy) has to host it for you, and that usually involves some sort of fee.
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Blogger does something called domain mapping. The URL is hosted by whomsoever (but you can drop the hosting as long as you maintain the registration) and then map that domain on your blogger website. I do this. I used the same domain before with a Typepad account and I believe it can also be done for a wordpress one.

The content however is still hosted on the blogging application's servers.
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The content on your Blogger blog will stay the same regardless of the domain you use. Domain mapping allows your blog URL to become "" instead of "," but otherwise, there's no functional difference.

"If you want the content to exist on blogspot's servers, you have to use a blogspot URL."

This is incorrect. The content will exist on BlogSpot's servers regardless of the domain mapping configuration.
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2nding infini. That is exactly what I do. $10/yr.
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This is incorrect.

Yeah, I got that wrong in a convoluted attempt to use the words the way I thought the OP was using them. Just ignore me.
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Response by poster: Sorry for the confusion and thank you for your assistance. I do feel the need to clairify a bit.

This is what I understand to be true:

I can have my own custom url pointed to blogspot, and avoid paying a monthly hosting fee.

This is what I have done / reviewed on blogger:
On blogger it is easy to find the option to "buy" a new url through them. They even say you will get a google docs / apps account when you do. The problem is that I already own one and it is hosted at There is some info on the site telling you to click advanced settings etc. Which I did. Right now I think the only thing I have done is cause a redirect via the "godaddy tool" provided on blogger.

I just want to be able to cancel my godaddy account and leave my custom URL pointed to my blog on

Thanks again,
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Look into cancelling hte GoDaddy account for hosting as opposed to maintaining your registration/ownership of the URL

For example, my URL has been purchased/registered through Network Solutions but they do not host it.

Then, that URL can be domain mapped on to your blogger site.


I just want to be able to cancel my godaddy account and leave my custom URL pointed to my blog on

Given what you've said you have already done regarding the redirect, you should be safely able to cancel hosting by GoDaddy versus the registration of the URL
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You will however need to check who is listed as the admin contact for your URL - is it yourself or is it GoDaddy as part of some registration+hosting package?

Do you know the answer this or can you do a WhoIS lookup? You may end up having to go through a little more complicated procedure for transferring administrative rights over your URL to yourself first, if that is the case.

If you are unable to figure this out then can you link to the GoDaddy program or offer through which you purchased your URL and hosting service?
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I had some problems getting the domain name I registered through GoDaddy to point to my blogspot blog (though different problems than what you're experiencing), using both blogger's and GoDaddy's published instructions. This is what eventually helped me do it successfully:
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