Jackets for Active Athenas?
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I've been pleasantly surprised by how easy it's been to find decent plus-sized cycling gear--until the temperature dropped. Now it's time for a warmish jacket to wear on my morning commute and weekend rides and I can't find a thing. Plus-sized active women, where do you shop for outerwear?

I wear 2X in cycling gear, and don't usually have a problem finding well-made stuff that fits. But all the nice jackets I've found are only available up to size XXL, which as any plus-sized woman knows is not the same as 2X. I tried on a few anyway and, as expected, they don't even come close to fitting. The few items I've found available in 2X are way too baggy or thin, not technical enough, and generally poorly-designed. Is there such a thing as a decent technical cycling or running jacket that fits actual plus-sized women (and is preferably available in a bright color)? Where should I go looking for it? Team Estrogen, See Jane Run, and Terry are my usual go-to places, but they've all failed me here. REI was a bust, too.

I'm specifically looking for something in a technical fabric as I overheat very easily and want something breathable and easy to move in rather than a heavy fleece or bulky winter jacket.
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Junonia might be worth looking into--they go up to 6X. (I don't have any personal experience with their outerwear, but their bathing suits are nice.)
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(This QuikWik jacket may be what you want, and is available in 1X-4X.)
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LL Bean has a few nice active jackets in our sizes. I have the Pathfinder and love it.
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I like Moving Comfort, these jackets might suit your purpose with a long sleeve tee underneath for layering.
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MetaAnswer: If you don't get a good answer here, you might try asking your question on the Clydesdales/Athenas forum on BikeForums.net.
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Two Roads Fitness has a small selection of Plus-Sized gear . .perhaps something there will suit?
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From my boyfriend:

Having worked in a bike shop I know that there are few options for plus sized jackets. The industry has been doing better with lighter weight stuff but when it gets cold they either have one option and it is for men or nothing. I thought Louis Garneau would have something but I didn't see it.

One way to go is to get a good baselayer with wind stopping fabric; my favorite is Craft. Here is a unisex option. A good base layer with a medium weight full length jersey should be fine for most days especially if you are based in Berkeley, CA.

Have you looked at the men's jackets? It sounds like you'd prefer something tailored for a woman, but it is going to be hard to find. So if you haven't tried that, it might be worth it and there are a lot more options and they may fit fairly well depending on your body type.

Another place to look for jackets would be running jackets - there are more runners than cyclists so the range of options should be better.

Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you.
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Have you tried Athleta? They definitely have some plus size jackets, one or two of which might work.
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I bike commute and ride recreationally as well, and I find I don't need more outerwear, just warmer base layers. I have a lightweight wind layer for cool days and a waterproof jacket for very cold or rainy days. The bottom layers change based on the temperature, and then I can partially unzip the jacket when I get too warm.

So maybe part of the problem is that in general, companies don't make super warm outer layers for cycling and running because they expect you to later underneath.

So I'd suggest going to a well-stocked bike store and looking at waterproof jackets from Showers Pass and Endura, in men's sizes. The narrower cut of cycling jackets might help.

And then get some warm bottom layers. Have you looked at Lands End? For example, they have this long underwear top in XL, which is 18-20 at Lands End.
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I'm wearing LL Bean men's 2XL merino long underwear bottoms right now with skirts. I usually buy 3x/26W. YMMV.
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I'd reconsider the "too thin" ones. I wear a Craft Performance windbreaker. It's crazy light and super warm. It's also very well vented. Here in Minnesota, I like wearing this jacket over a wool jersey and a good base layer.
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