Where do I find the North American Equivalent to Fortnum and Mason
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I really like the preserves, biscuits and condiments from Fortnum and Mason and Harrods in the UK. Are there similar places in North America where I can mail order the same sort of goods? I'd also love to know where we could order clotted cream that we could have sent to us as we live north of 60 in the Yukon Territory, Canada.

Once a year (usually around Christmas) we splurge a bit and order some stuff that we like. We pay 20pound in shipping charges but we rationalize that if we still lived in the UK we'd end up spending way more than that as we would end up having afternoon tea if we were there in person.

We'd like to find a place in Canada or failing that the US where we can get lovely food treats. I know it sounds a bit lame but we also love the packaging at F&M - it makes every breakfast of toast and jam feel just a little more special.

I know this is asking for commercial information in a way but I'm hoping that it is general enough that it fits within the criteria for questions as I'm not asking for a specific product but rather information on where I could find gourmet/high end condiments and preserves.
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Their packaging isn't as refined as F & M, but Murchie's is a BC company that has some preserves that you may like.

If you call them, they may be able to suggest other, similar companies in N. America.
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I never managed to find a clotted cream supplier when I was in the US. Rodda's still say they have no North American supplier. Fortnum's had a US mail order business until a couple of years ago but I think it folded.
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Just a note that I don't think it's against the rules to ask where you can find a specific product as long as you've already tried Google and the like and struck out.

Anyways not too sure about clotted cream but Harry & David makes pretty good preserves and the like and they do deliver to Canada. You could also try Swiss Colony, although I can't vouch for the quality of their preserves, since I've only ever bought a cheesecake from them. It was good though.
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Tucked into Amish Country in Pennsylvania is Kitchen Kettle Village. It has become a huge magilla of shops and kitschy goods, but their core products - jams, jellies, condiments - are uniformly delicious. And they ship outside the US.
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Forbes has some really lovely offerings that I often give as gifts. Their wild mushroom mustard is one of my favourite things.

And, I don't want to know that I have this recipe for Clotted Cream bookmarked, because then I would be making it and eating it thrice daily. But I remember that it's the dairy over there that makes it taste so good, but there it is, in case of, you know, emergencies.
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Response by poster: All great answers - thanks for your help. It's good to have a few more websites to look at and give a whirl.
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Response by poster: I also found Urban Fare in my searches. We've been there in person at the Yale/Roundhouse location in Vancouver. It has lovely products especially the vegetarian antipasto. It's not exactly a F&M experience when you go their in person but I'd say the quality and packaging is quite nice.
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