It there genuinely some kind of bug or issue here, or am I insane?
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Is it just me, or is it *impossible* to create a user account on this (oil and gas safety) website? Please help. My husband needs to take one of their online courses over the weekend so that he can start a job on Monday. He is losing his shit over this.

It there genuinely some kind of bug or issue here, or am I insane?

Here is the website. I have tried two things and cannot create an account.

1. Go to "Safety Training" on the top nav bar
2. Select "e-Learning"
3. Go to one of the courses and click on "access this course"
4. You are taken here
4. Click "Create new account"
5. Encounter problem: Once you fill out the info on this page, you notice that there is no "Submit" button. I tried this in Internet Explorer to make sure it wasn't just our browser; no go.

Alternate attempt to create account:

1. Go to "Help" on small top nav bar
2. Find "Account Assistance" callout/box and click "Create a new account"
3. Fill out info. Click submit button.
4. Good. No confirmation email comes from the company, but whatever. Try to log in using your email address as the user name and the password you gave. Encounter problem:"Your login attempt was not successful."
I've tried this twice with two accounts on my browser and on EI. No go.

My husband is losing his shit. He needs to get this course done. I emailed their tech support and called their office, but it's late on a Friday night. If you tried the above and it worked for you, please explain. Or, confirm that there's a problem with the site if you encounter the same. Thanks. If there really is a problem, there won't be repercussions for him as other workers have to do the course this weekend too and none of them will be able to.
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Did you try entering all the info in the form and then pressing "ENTER" in the last field?
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I tried two lights above the sea's idea and it didn't work.
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Oh yes, many, many time. But thanks.
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Just confirming for you......tried it in Chrome and you are right.....there is no submit button. Not even if you fill out the form and hit enter.
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Doesn't work through Safari either.
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I was trying Opera. Have you folks tried the alternate method too? Thank you so much.
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The Google cache of the page does have a "Create Account" button
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You are using Opera right? Well, fill in the form and enter the following in the address field and hit enter:
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Sorry that should be:
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Actually, that's not the right code either...
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can you pick out the proper code from the source of the google cache?
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Foci - I think that was the right code and you are a genius - but it still didn't work. Well, it worked in that I got back an error message saying (correctly) that I hadn't filled out a phone number - *so this means that it did submit the page, right - but upon the submission I just got the same page back (the form I filled out).
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nat: me? Hell no...
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yeah, kitcat, I got the same stuff. Let's see if I can't figure this out... brb
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Have you tried creating an account using Create a new account button on this page?
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Seems like that's just an account for their support platform.
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Have you tried creating the account via a cellphone rather than browser on your computer? Just thinking about this front page comment that seems to say it's optimized for phones:

>Mobile viewport optimized
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Foci: Yes - that's the second account creation method I talked about above, but it still doesn't work to access a course. Funny, it says on that page that I'm logged in. So I actually do have a working account, it seems, but still can't access the course with my user name and password.

Listener: Alas, no smartphone.
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I think they have intentionally borked the site - no submit button, nothing happens when you submit the form using JS - to prevent sign ups. Maybe they are doing some maintenance or can't handle new accounts right now?
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OK, so confirmed 'not possible'?

I really appreciate this and send you a thousand cyber hugs. He's been off work for a month and if he is not allowed to begin this new job on Monday for lack of the certification we are up shit creek...I can't imagine, though, that they would put the whole project on hold if all the guys haven't been able to complete the course through no fault of their own. They were only told that they had to do it on Thursday evening.

I think I'll go back to knitting now... :)
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Sweet jesus. I can add this to the long list of reasons why I can't stand Enform-- and I have a COR certification through them, so I've had plenty of opportunity to see a fair bit of incompetence. Most of their courses are standard industry courses and are offered elsewhere online and are accepted just the same by the oil and gas companies. If his company insisted he go through Enform, then nobody else will be able to do it this weekend either unless it's a temporary problem. If he just needs the course (and it's not one of the few Enform-specific ones) I can recommend the sites that I have my employees use, and he would have a printable/PDF cert immediately after passing (secret hint: you can't fail them).
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It's possible that I'm missing something amidst all that spaghetti code so I'll keep looking at this for a while and mefi mail you if I find something. Happy knitting!
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I think they have intentionally borked the site

Agreed. You might check back later to see if they've replaced it.
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Perhaps it has something to do with the launch of "Enform Connect" on Nov. 28.
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mireille: yeah, the company told them to do it through Enform. It's actually Wilderness Awareness. If you can recommend another site, he's game (hee hee). Thank you very much
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You may want to print out a copy of the registration form as it currently is as proof of sanity in case the site is fixed on Monday.
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MirElle, I wouldn't mind those links?

I checked to see uf mobile site worked better, but no submit button there either. Have you contacted their online support ?
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Also the URL mentions "openid", I don't guess they mean *actual* OpenID and that he could create a login elsewhere?
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I got logged in, and to a page where they wanted me to pay 100 CAD to take wilderness awareness. I don't know if it's a current course, because the page is titled "Login to WiAw07," which I'm assuming is from 2007.

Here's the login/user account page
I used, (via this page, by clicking "register for online training now" under your class).

I filled out the page with bs info, got an email with a link to confirm. When you click it, you'll be logged in and back to the page you've been linking to. I didn't have a class id, so I clicked on "what's this" to go here. Then click on elearning--I was still logged in, and a full listing of all the courses came up. If you click on Wildlife Awareness, there's an option to pay. "This course requires a payment for entry.

Cost: CAD 100

PayPal payments acceptedMajor Credit Cards

Use the button below to pay and be enrolled within minutes!"

However, below that it says "This course requires an 'enrolment key' - a one-time
password that you should have received from teacher

That enrolment key was incorrect, please try again
(Here's a hint - it starts with 'E')
Enrolment key: "

I don't know if you get the key once you submit a payment via paypal--that's not really something I can test.
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I tried using a myspace openid and got this:

"Sorry, we do not accept registrations from your OpenID server, We only accept Enform OpenIDs. Not very open, eh? It is all because of a P2C2E"

Coder with a sense of humor... Hope neda's method works for you.
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It appears to be running Moodle e-learning software -- I don't know if that's helpful or not, but maybe it will help somehow. I can't figure out where that submit button went either, though.
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Iteki-- I use TDG-WHIMIS and YOW Canada. TDG-WHMIS has a pretty extensive course list but for some reason you can't see the whole of it unless you have set up a corporate login-- if you like, MeMail me and I'll send you a copy of the whole list. I use YOW Canada for fall arrest and confined space but I see that TDG-WHMIS offers those now too.

Both have extremely simple interfaces, almost like movies-- some of our guys have a high school education and very little computer experience, and they've had no trouble whatsoever. It's easy to purchase and distribute courses on both, and there's a permanent record of each employee's completion of the exams. Immediately after they pass, I'm emailed a PDF containing both wall and wallet certs. I can also go back into their records and reprint a cert should I ever need to do so. And the exams are a bit of a joke, like a lot of safety training (in-person H2S and 1st Aid too)-- the answers are pretty much right in front of you on the exam and if you miss a question, it provides it for you and then you re-take the exam until you've answered them all correctly.

The OP's husband's required course (from a MeMail conversation) is an Enform-only deal. Enform likes to make up courses and ensure that they are made industry-standard, and then control who offers it. Major cash-grab, like a lot of what they do. They are extremely proud and excited for this Enform Connect (email blitz announcements) but I have very low hopes for its functionality. It seems that every dealing I have with them only complicates matters, they offer next to no support for the COR certification process, and I can never get the same answer twice over there.

If you're in the industry too, MeMail me-- I'd love to have someone to chat with about all this stuff. Don't even get me started on ISNetworld (a brutal and miserable process, though I have "A"s across the board on that one too).
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WOW Neda. It worked. I'll memail you, but if you're following still, please explain how you ended up at the Pacific Rim Safety site? It's wonderful, their link took me to the correct page on the Enform site, I paid, and now we're good to go. What a relief. And what complete strangeness. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just wanted to say - I've passed on Neda's instructions to my husband's boss (who confirmed earlier that Enform is doing a server upgrade). He's is going to pass it along to all the other workers going to the job on Monday. You may have saved the whole lot from having this much needed work delayed (it's a highly undesirable job, taking people away from their families to work up north in the middle of nowhere in the frigid cold for three weeks just before Christmas and so everyone going must be motivated by financial need).

Thank you to everyone. I think there's some dust in my eyes 'cause they're starting to water a little bit...
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I'm so glad it worked out! I peeked at my history, and it looks like the last google search string right before I logged in to hushmail (the email account our cat Thunderpussy used to sign up for an enform login) was "'wildlife awareness' course enform," which must have been how I found the Pacific Rim website.

Good luck to you & your husband (especially good look to him at whatever job takes him around wildlife & Canada cold!)
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