Vacuums and long hair
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Are there any vacuum cleaners that can deal with lots of long human hair?

I have fairly long hair, and apparently the need to shed it all over the house. Every vacuum I've used quickly ends up with a brushroll clogged with hair, and taking apart the vacuum every two minutes and cutting all the hair off is really getting to me.

So, does anyone have suggestions for a vacuum that wouldn't have this issue? For use mostly on low-pile carpet. Cost isn't a big issue (the Dyson Animal would be fine if I didn't suspect it only works on short pet hair), but I want to do regular carpet vacuuming without needing to anything more than empty a dirt vessel.
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Best answer: For cleaning up hair in our place we use one of those adhesive stick rollers, like the ones made for removing lint from clothes, but bigger and with a long handle so you can walk it along the floor. You've got to peel off an adhesive layer pretty frequently while you're doing it, but it does the job well.
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If you don't get a definitive answer here, I would suggest asking your salon what they use.

(also, I must say that reading the intro question without the explanation was rather wonderfully creepy!)
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Have to agree with taz - it rather sounds like the question you should be asking is how to stop your hair from falling out, rather than how to clear it up once it does.

Alternatively, you could try wearing a hat :-)
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I have the same problem. And it's not so much a matter of your hair falling out as it is long hair faling out. (Everybody sheds.) I've never found a conventional vaccuum that didn't need to get cleaned out now and again, but I've been using these latex sponges, called 'Wonder Sponges', to gather up hair from my bathroom mats. They work well. but still reqire some work. I guess if you want to keep your hair long you have to compromise a little. (Try for the pet hair lifter. It's worked pretty well for me in small areas, like the bathroom, kitchen, etc. Good for getting hair off rugs, IMO.)
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Best answer: I use one of these to pull as much of the hair off the carpet as I can before I vacuum.
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Best answer: With hair down to my waist, and a cheapo $50 vac, zero problems. The secret is to use the hose directly, avoiding this whole troublesome roller issue. If your vac doesn't come with a floor attachment for the hose, likely the manufacturer has one for sale separately ($20-30?).
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I have the same problem, and I use nail scissors to clip the hair off the roller monthly.
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Coffeemate, that rubber broom looks just about perfect. I just ordered one. Thanks for the link.
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I've got an expensive Miele vacuum with a non-brushroller head for hardwood floors that does great in a household with two almost waist-length haired people. Its brushroller attachment for carpets might be subject to the same problems, though.
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I almost ordered that rubber broom after reading about it here, but decided instead to wait for my paycheck. As it turns out, I nearly tripped over one laying in the aisle during a last minute trip to the drugstore. I figured it had to be a sign. Turns out, this is the best thing ever! I seriously just called my mother to tell her about it. My two-year-old has proclaimed it his "favorite broom" and I have to agree. Thanks Coffeemate! What a day - first I decide to become a member here, and now a broom. How lucky can one girl be?
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Two long straight haired daughters here - and I second the Miele recommendation - also use it without the end - just the open nozzle - specially in the bath and bedrooms. Also have ony a couple carpets in house - mostly wood or tile. Helps to keep it from sticking.
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Best answer: I have a carpet rake that works well. I got it from either Bed, Bath and Beyond or Linens N' Things several years ago.
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