Weird abdominal issues
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Weird abdominal issues: I have a doctor's appointment for Tuesday and would appreciate thoughts on whether it's OK to wait until then.

Background: I'm a late 30s male, normal weight, taking simvastatin for cholesterol control for about the last 6 months.

In the last two weeks, two possibly related symptoms have appeared and might be getting worse (or maybe it was the feast last night).

The first is an intermittent weird pressure (or sometimes pulling) in my lower abdomen, immediately above my testicles. Not really any pain and just slight discomfort, but disconcerting. I can't find any weird bulges or the like. Maybe a hernia? I have done a little heavy lifting that I am not accustomed to.

The second is bouts of severe indigestion in the middle of the night: discomfort and nausea, a little gas, but no vomiting or diarrhea. Bowel movements are essentially normal and regular.

I suspect the second symptom might be diet related, but would diet explain the first? Lately I have been worse about eating fatty foods, getting lazy since the statin meds have reduced my cholesterol. Also, I drink quite a bit of strong beer, often 4 or more glasses a night. This amount hasn't given me any trouble before. The nocturnal indigestion might correlate with the amount of drinking. I plan to cut out all alcohol the next day or two and see if it helps. I have no history of food allergy, lactose intolerance, etc.

I have a doc appointment on Tuesday. I've been trying to call the office today to see about getting in, but nobody is answering the phone and they are closed on the weekend, so I probably can't get in before Monday or Tuesday.

If there is a reason to suspect this needs attention before then (appendicitis?), please let me know. Thanks!

throwaway gmail: medicalaskme
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a little low on the body pain wise, but otherwise screams gallbladder to me. Is your poop lighter than normal? That's also a sign.
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questioner responding here: yeah, poops might be a little less dense
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haha -color - not density
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Poop color is pretty normal. The thing about symptom 1 is how really low in the abdomen it is. It often feels like the testes are being pushed out, especially when I sit down.
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I just got off the phone with an MD friend. Sounds like most likely it is nothing severe enough to warrant an emergency visit at this time. I have a family history of hernia so that might explain symptom 1, depending on the results of a physical.
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The indigestion during the night could easily be reflux. Alcohol usually makes that worse, so that would make sense. Reflux doesn't always cause classic heartburn-type pain.
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I'm not a doctor or anything, but nothing you wrote sounds even a little bit urgent. You're definitely fine to wait until Tuesday.
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Follow-up: the digestive issues resolved themselves pretty much. The doc couldn't find anything wrong and suggested it might be a muscle strain or the like. The weird pressure/pulling has gotten better as well, but a little worse after I picked up a full plastic water cooler jug to swap out the one at the office, so it probably is muscular.
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Another follow up: symptoms reappeared somewhat last month and my regular doc sent me to a gastroenterologist. He found nothing of concern with a digital exam and concurred that he often sees people with GI issues arising from muscle strains in the abdomen. Seems like it's a slow-healing muscle injury.
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