What's the best wine decanter I can buy online?
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Can you please point me to a fabulous wine decanter? Here's what I mean by fabulous: 1) Dishwasher friendly 2) Lead-free glass 3) Good lookin' and good quality in person. 4) Available for purchase online.

I'm willing to pay up to about $70, if need be (even though from what I understand, decanters don't HAVE to be expensive; they're just for show. Basically I'm looking for a decent show). I have done some online shopping; I'm asking for your human opinions because it's hard to tell from a picture how cheap or expensive things will feel in person. Thank you!
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I've been really happy with Riedel glasses I've bought in the past. They also make decanters (of various pricing), amazon has some as cheap as 40$ (and higher than 200$ for fancy ones). My wine drinking friends swear by Riedel's glass.
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Dishwasher friendly might be a little hard, given that most decanters are wide at the bottom and have a narrow neck. I think this one would put on a good show.
Handle style
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I've had my eye on this Uncommon Goods decanter for awhile. The ice pocket would be practical for wines other than white, because even most reds are best served slightly chilled.
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But now that I think about it, it's certainly not a good shape to decant a red....and most whites don't really need it, the ice decanter just keeps them cool!
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Use a blender!
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I lubs my iitala decanter. Clean, simple lines -- modern and elegant.

Hand wash only, but most decanters probably are.
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thanks friends! i ended up getting this one, thanks to your helpful directions. here's hoping it's a good one!
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You be interested in a decanter cleaner to help you reach the hard-to-reach spots.

As your decanter is in that style, it might help with your washing.

Happy wine drinking (and decanting)!
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(er, might be interested, sigh).
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