Man seeking Cookie to reignite old flame.
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Does anybody know the name of a type of christmas-y sugar cookie with sprinkles that used to be sold in a cylindrical plastic tub?

Man I miss those things. I haven't seen them anywhere in years. I looked around the internet, and I found one other fellow seeker but no real answers. Anybody have any idea what I'm talking about?
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I found this old Revco ad for "HOLIDAY TUB OF COOKIES, 16 oz., Decorated, delicious sugar cookies; REVCO'S LOW, EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE .99." (Aiken Standard, Aiken S.C., Dec. 18, 1979; found Googling for REVCO sugar cookies.)
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It's possible you are thinking of Royal Dansk tins. They are pretty popular and yummy!
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I'm pretty sure Royal Dansk cookies are packaged in metal tins, not plastic tubs.

What did the packaging look like--what color?
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Was it a white tub with possibly green and red outline drawings, and inside were cookies approx 1.5-2 inches in diameter, things like wreaths and sleighs, cheap butter cookies with red or green colored sugar on them?
I think, based on some searching, that they're close to this 'Parco/Lofthouse' brand, but smaller. I can't find an online supplier other than for foodservice.
These Pure's Food brand seem similar, but without the sugar on top.
(christmas sugar cookies tub -dough)
That being said, I'm sure I saw some in the last few years at the supermarket or dollar store, here in the Northeast US.
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I seem to recall that Archway may have made them, or made an equivalent. I remember "Bells and Stars" or something, and they had red and green sprinkles. They were definitely Archway. On the other hand, the Archway cookies came in boxes, not (to my recollection) a plastic tub--but I can also remember the plastic tub of cookies you're talking about, so I wonder if they were made by more than one manufacturer.
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If instead of outline-shapes they were extruded, you might be thinking of spritz cookies. They are basically a sugar cookie dough and usually get topped with sprinkles and non-pareils (the little ball sprinkles).
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