Temporary teeth—I've got a problem.
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I'm in the middle of the process of getting porcelain veneers/crowns on my six upper front teeth. I underwent five hours in the chair yesterday and am now wearing temporaries for the next two weeks. One of these cracked off from the main "bridge" and is lifting up. Now what?

Obviously I will call my dentist as soon as they're open, but I won't be able to go in until tomorrow early afternoon (I'm out of town for Thanksgiving). Can I go buy denture glue or something?

Obviously YANMD, but yeah. I'm freaking out a little. Suggestions?
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You can find a temporary crown repair kit at a pharmacy that might help, but do call the dentists soon.
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Got a temporary in prep for a crown a few years ago. It came off while I ate some pizza. The dentist (after fixing it) suggested I keep polydent on hand if it happened again.
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I'm in the same position with a temp crown right now. My dentist fixed it up once, and told me to keep some polygrip on hand if it happened again.
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agree about the dental repair kit at the drug store...it works! You have to decide which type of dental repair kit to get...as long as it has a strong bonding cement as part of the kit it will do the trick.
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Don't freak too much. The most important thing those temps do is keep you from wearing/damaging the surface under them which your new permanent attachments will go on. As others say, get a short-term drugstore fix and go easy on em.

After my last not-so-pleasant experience with a crown I decided that the next time I'd go to a dentist with a CNC machine where they'd make the new tooth same-day.
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Dental repair kit...I was my dentist's guinea pig for veneers almost a decade ago and they popped off constantly so I am acquainted pretty well with the dental repair kit. They do work well until you can get an appointment.

I don't think denture glue worked very well for that purpose.
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